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Thread: AGD-612L - Doubleneck Left handed !!

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    Thank you Colin2121. happy to hear Tru-Oil work for fix as well! i love this product. as i get more experienced with it each time i lke how coats built slowly and make it a really "forgiving" product in case you mess up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wingmike11 View Post
    i agree with you about glucose syrup but this particular built i wanted to have clean and neet finish. As basswod is easy to dent, i was aiming for minimum protective finish vs. not going too glossy without going opaq color.
    I am very close now to what i was going for initially.
    I don't mean there is anything particularly wrong with the thick high gloss finish you get on commercially-made guitars, it's more that if you want to go down that path, it's extremely difficult to pull off convincingly, unless you have the expertise and facilities to do it.
    And definitely, the ability to easily repair scratches is a big plus.
    That's actually one of the lesser-known advantages of French Polishing; although the finish is fairly easy to damage, it's also easy to repair.

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    Anyone knows what wax i should use to keep my necks as close to the wood as possible as on my EVH Wolfgang Standard?

    I have read that 1 or 2 coats of Tru-oil lightly sanded with 0000 steel wool wopud do the job but, i would rather have no oil at all on the necks.

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    No finish on necks isn't a good idea as there's nothing to stop them being instantly being affected by changes in humidity, including sweat/moisture from your hands. So you'll get a lot of neck movement as a result and you'll have to constantly adjust the truss rods to compensate. Especially as the kit necks won't use the best quality quarter-sawn timber for the necks.

    The EVH has a satin polyurethane finished neck, so you could get a can of that and apply a couple of coats. Or you could use a few applications of TruOil.

    I'm assuming the necks are maple. That's a very hard wood with microscopic pores, so it doesn't absorb much of any finish, so two or three applications should be all you need. I'd also thin the TruOil down with turpentine to about 50:50 to get smoother, thinner, coats on the neck. It may wear off over time, but it's easy to apply another coat or two when it looks very worn. Rubbing it down with 0000 wire wool or P2500 sandpaper once it's cured for a month or so will give a satin feel to it.

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    Simon is spot on regarding not applying a finish.
    On my maple necks I went with 4 light coats of tru oil followed by a light sand.
    The oil hardens off and gives a very smooth finish. Because tru oil has added compounds it hardens off to a great satin finish with 4 light coats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Barden View Post
    The EVH has a satin polyurethane finished neck, so you could get a can of that and apply a couple of coats. Or you could use a few applications of TruOil
    As i am not familiar with Polyurethane, i will follow your advice and continue with TruOil as you proposed.

    Again gentlemen, your input is much appreciated!

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    As an update,

    I reveiced few parts including the Grovers Tuner (305 series) and can confirm they will fit the built.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Restring session will sure be a bummer but, i'll manage

    Also put my hands on more Tru-Oil after few weeks of being held back by this lack of oil. Might sound weird depending on where you guys read this form, but in my area (Montreal, Canada), Tru-Oil is either found over or at big store for camping, outdoor, fishing and hunting. As on all website i know including this store (close to my place and the online same store) were out of stocks for over a month.
    Today, i saw online the same store, but an hour drive from my place, had about 12 bottles!!!
    "They were all hidden on the same shelf, waiting for me", the vendor wasn't sure looking at me dancing in the aisle...
    (i dance like a stone!)

    I bought 3 bottless, so i make sure to not be slowed down again but lack of ressources...
    The only missing stuff now, is the custom truss rod cover plates and some spare time to finish the layers of oil and start asking about neck position and shim!

    bye for now!

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    How is the build going?
    I am always interested to another lefty in action.

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