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Thread: Because you can never have too many resistors!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankenWashie View Post
    Itís pronounced Franken Steeen!
    pedant warning ...

    'Fronken steen'.

    cheers, Mark.

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    Yep, I agree...totally, you can't have too many resistors, caps, transistors, semiconductors,etc, I need to build up my stock of electronic components so I can start work on building the big Modular Synthesizer.

    I'm reminded of a pun I read in an old Electronics Today International magazine, as far as I can remember, it went like this....."It is beyond my capacity to resist such biased attitudes towards semiconductors, might say I have a Fet-ish for them".

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    Now that's forward planning
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    Current Build #8 - JBA-4
    Build #9 - Semi-scratch build Tele x 2 - Completed
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    Always remember that, if a circuit you're building calls for a particular resistor value, and you don't have any of that value in stock, you can always substitute the next value up or down, and the circuit should still work normally, say for example that a circuit calls for a 10k resistor, you look through your stash of resistors but can find no 10k resistors, but you can find lots of 11k and 9k8 resistors, you can use either value as substitutes and the circuit should work fine.

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    One of my first jobs, straight out of school, was in an electronics workshop. One of the radios were modifying for sale in Australia had some sort of of comparator network involving resistors of closely matched values. At the distance of nearly 40 years I can't remember exactly what it was for but I suspect it was in a PLL.

    Every so often a big box of resistors would arrive and all hands would then calibrate their meters and start measuring and sorting resistors. At one point we had 200,000 resistors sorted into storage bins according to their measured value.

    We had one chap, a bit of a practical joker, the type who would cut a length of 0.5mm tinned wire about 200mm long and piece it into the solder reel that hung above your bench just to watch you burn your fingers when the "solder" stopped melting...

    One day old mate decided to super glue the bosses coffee cup to a shelf.

    Later in the day, the boss grabbed his cup as he walked past. Unfortunately the shelf was a piece of plywood sitting on a couple of brackets. As the boss walked away with his cup the shelf followed, distributing the contents of the storage bins onto the floor.

    200,000 resistors all mixed up again. Two days later we had them sorted into their bins again.

    Old mate got a new nickname that afternoon: "Unemployed".

    I admit that I am an agent of Satan, however, my duties are largely ceremonial.


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