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Thread: TB-4 Bass Build Questions

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    TB-4 Bass Build Questions

    I have a couple questions on the TB-4 bass i am building. First, the neck is a screw on, does it need to be glued as well? Also, when putting in the threaded inserts for the bridge do they need to be glued in? If so what kind of glue? Thanks for the help guys!

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    Its not conventional to glue in place a "bolt on" (as its conventionally known, goodness knows why) neck, and its not conventional to glue in those inserts. They can be problematic on some of the hollow body kits, but you should be fine on the TB - I haven't heard of anyone having trouble.
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    If the inserts do start pulling out, then that is the time to think about glueing them in place, but the body wood is a lot more solid than on the semi-hollow basses where there have been issues. So no real point in making things more difficult to maintain from the start.

    Don't forget to install the bridge ground wire on one of the post holes before you put the studs in (one reason you don't want to glue them in if possible in case the ground wire makes bad contact or breaks and you need to remove the stud and re-do that wire installation.

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    I don't think I have seen anything on this board about the three point bridge pulling out of a T-bird. There are a number of references to them pulling out of Epiphones though. Also they are a pain to set up, and can have issues intonating. If it were mine, I'd be tempted to find the best deal I could on a Hipshot.

    Regarding the neck, I think some of the new T-birds have bolt on necks. Maybe the Epis?

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