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Thread: Don't Lend Your Guitar

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    Don't Lend Your Guitar

    Recently I was invited to a jam session with my ex-music teacher and his mates. These guys are pretty good guitarists (Spent Penny - Sydney members may know). I was way out of my depth but they helped me by playing stuff I had learned as a student (old 70's - that's YO not music although there was some 70's) some of their stuff so I was attached to the rhythm section.

    After a long session they wanted to play some newer stuff so I volunteered to sit out, watch on and take some video (boy have I got a long way to go}.

    One of guys saw my red PB LM1-MQ and asked to use it. Being pleased to have an expert play the guitar and give me some feedback I readily agreed.

    Well when I got it home I noticed scratches and dents on the back and bottom edge. I have no idea how they got there. He must have had a big belt buckle as they were jumping around a bit. Luckily the cap escaped damage.

    I was not happy. So NEVER AGAIN.

    Today I dismantled the guitar to sand out the damage. I will find out how TruOil repairs.

    The good news was the guy thought the guitar sounded good, played well was and impressed it was home made. The pups had been upgraded to Toneriders. The build link is in the signature below.

    Here are a photos of some of the damage.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Anyone else got disaster stories
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    My guitars all have that sort of damage. Nearly always from my carelessness, not anyone else’s.

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    I know 2 characters from my past that own 'high end' guitars but won't let you touch them.
    What a pair of arse-holes IMO.

    cheers, Mark.

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    Yeah, I understand you're not happy considering the amount of work you put into the guitar. But on the other hand, they are made to be used. Like cars... they are made to be driven. I also love it when my car is washed, polished, waxed and sparkling in the sun, but... it's a car and it will get scratches sooner or later, so instead of admiring it, I'd rather drive / play it.

    Hope you can polish out some of the scratches and embrace the others =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Barden View Post
    Real relicing. Embrace it.
    I agree. Sorry to hear that you didn't like the damage, but I guess each to their own. I'm not a fan of relicing but....

    My first ever Pitbull ST-1 has been gigged by others and even featured on an album. I've upgraded it a number of times and my once pristine finish has been dented, scratched, dented and fallen into by a 5 and 7 year old too many times than I can count. It's one of my favourite guitars.

    That being said Greg, some of my pitbull builds will never see anyone else's hands.

    Time for a new kit Greg?
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    If you don't want it marked, just keep it in its case and only play it at home. The moment you go out side the house, you have to a assume that it will get marks.

    Time to make a new one to keep pristine.

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    Hm, strangely I get all the marks and scratches at home. The moment I take it out, scratches magically appear... Even though it got better since I'm only wearing two rings, when I was in my wild teens, I wore a ring on every finger. Talk about marks all over the guitar neck...
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    I bought a Cole Clark Fat Lady a few years ago (when they were first imported into the UK, most expensive guitar I own and my favourite acoustic. Did a gig up in the Lake District and thought it would be a good chance to test out my new guitar and my new mic (Shure Beta 87 - my most expensive mic). Everything set up and taking a breather before going on and some twonk knocks the mic stand.
    Cue my slow-motion horror as the brand-new mic plunged towards the top of the brand-new guitar...
    But these things happen and after a while you stop noticing.

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