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Thread: First build: EXA-1 with some mod's...

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    First build: EXA-1 with some mod's...

    So almost four years ago I found PBG and quickly developed a list of builds I need in my life. They say "Life gets in the way when you're busy making plans", and I found that to be VERY true...

    Long story short - I ordered an EXA-1 kit with some modifications, back at the end of February. Last night it departed Perth, and (all things being good) it should be with me by the 11th, next week.

    Thought I should start the ball rolling on the diary with a pic Adam sent to confirm I'm happy with it. (Needless to say I'm delighted!).

    Ash body
    Set neck
    IC-1 headstock
    Ebony fretboard
    Dot inlays
    PBG bone nut add-on
    Control cavity on the back should resemble the SG/AG cavity - I'll drill the 3-way toggle, 1 volume, 1 tone holes in roughly the same pattern as my Ltd EX351

    I love the flourish in the ebony, and also the straight grain on the headstock.

    My plan is to burn the body, scrub it back with a wire brush and use oil & wax finish (attempting to emulate Ben Crowe's T-style kit-build from a couple of years back). Got a few little ideas floating around me noggin for things like covering plates, logo, control knobs etc., but I'll see what way the build takes me when I'm actually working on it...

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    Love a good EX build, look forward to following the journey.

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    Sounds like an interesting project
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    Kit arrived on Thursday, and I'm delighted with it! It's been up this side of the equator since the 9th but I'll let it sit a while longer before I fiddle with it. I'm still formulating ideas for mod's etc, so I want to (broadly) finalise the build plan, then I can list all the things I need to do in order.

    A couple of pic's of what I'm starting with... (Links this time - my apologies for the massive pic above).

    The grain in the neck is perfect - straight as an arrow.

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