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Thread: Amazing Fretboard Inlay Work

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    I'm all in favour of CNC machines. If you'd read many of my forum posts here you'd have noted that I often bemoan the poor quality of the kit routing and alignment due to the lack of CNC cutting tools in the factory and their use of hand routing from templates. The latter isn't itself bad if done well and with skill (and with a properly laid-out template), but with many kits, the results often speak for themselves.

    I wasn't equating to the use of CNC with a lack of skill or ability (I don't know how that thought was arrived at). I was just pointing out the incongruity between the term 'handcrafted' to describe the guitars, and the use of CNC in their construction (well, decoration). That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woltz View Post
    I thought I'd share some of the inlay work I've seen that is amazing.

    Here's one from Ben at Crimson in the UK.

    CNC one done by Labels Extreme in Victoria.

    Kookaburra by Crossley Custom Guitars
    Very beautiful compositions. Thanks for sharing.
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