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Thread: What size pickups should I order? (Jazz Bass)

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    What size pickups should I order? (Jazz Bass)


    I am considering getting this DIY kit:
    I will probably want to replace the stock pickups with different ones.

    When looking around for pickups, I see there are different options:
    * Neck pickup 92mm, Bridge pickup 92mm
    * Neck pickup 92mm, Bridge pickup 95mm
    * Neck pickup 95mm, Bridge pickup 95mm

    Talking about a jazz bass.

    How do I find out which ones are appropriate for mentioned kit?


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    Usually the neck pup is a little narrower than the bridge pup on a Jazz.

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    From reading build diaries, I know that the JB pickups that come with the kit are slightly different dimensions to the standard replacement pickups you get e.g. Toneriders, especially the location of the mounting screw lobes, which is a PITA. But a small bit of work with a Dremel with a small drum sander attachment on the bridge pickup rout, and you should be sorted. Not a problem for the large pickup rout under the pickguard (though the pickguard will also need to be modified).

    I know this is true for the JBA range, but the DJx range may be different as I think they may come from a different factory.

    If you want more info, you are best emailing Adam, and make sure you state the exact kit you are thinking of.

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