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Thread: First build GSM-1 Mahogany

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    Hello all,

    Just to keep you updated, I discussed with Adam and this issue is solved by using clamps that partially reduce the gap, and the glue will fill the small gap remaining.

    but before gluing, I proceeded on more sanding for the body and designing for the headstock. It was not the easiest without printer haha but im quite happy with the result

    and now the show must go on! next step is the staining of the wood.

    keep in touch


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    Nice work! Great methodology.
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    I take my time, but to keep you updated :

    I used Angelus Leather Dye black and blue for the color

    Next step, to glue the neck and spray with 2K spray can lacquer

    I will also at the same time put my own headstock decal that i will receive in few days

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    Your headstock is fantastic! And I love the blue black burst.
    Disclaimer: I haven't done woodwork since high school, and wasn't really paying attention at the time ...

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    Most of this really needs to be in your build diary. These sections of the forum are really for asking more general technical questions.

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