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Thread: Hi From Sydney

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    Thanks for the welcome

    Simon. Great ideas there. Need to think of something to get out of the house back into the garage.

    Fretworn: Thank you

    Brendan : Thanks as well

    FrankenWashie: Thanks. Looking forward to seeing final build. Still many ideas in my head so I''m not even sure how it will turn out lol

    Mick: Thanks. Had no say in it really. I think you need a nice clean space and easy access to the right tools and products if you want to build a nice guitar.

    DarkMark: Thanks for the welcome. Only reason achieved so much was because no work. Needed to do something to stop me going crazy and getting lazy. Also needed and excuse to get outta the house lol. I have been reading your posts on your ES 3 build. It has taught me a lot thanks. Good luck with your build hope you get back into it soon.
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