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Thread: Dms-1 & Aussie woods

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    Dms-1 & Aussie woods

    I'm looking forward to my DMS-1 kit!

    I know I can these done custom at the factory ... but I wanted the kit on-hand to build during the lockdown.

    So my suggestion is an alternative body config of the DMS-1 to take HH ... just like the squier Bullet Mustang, which is what I would have bought if not the fact that colour I want is also out of stock in Australia till June.

    Or maybe DMS-1 should be available in a swimming-pool rout, with 2 different pickguard (& pickup) options?

    On another note - I would love to see some kit options where the body-woods are local Australian woods. Those are very hard to find right now... but I know that may be a difficult call given that these kits are made in China.
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    Red Cactus - the guys at PBG did look at getting them built in Australia, but the pure costs of doing so meant that they were uneconomical. For a while they had blanks available, even those were expensive and not overly popular from memory.

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    Red Cactus, I'm thinking Mustang HH option also. Want to see if I can do it with 24.75" scale neck though, something like a Toronado.

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