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Thread: Pickup mounting, very tight

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    Pickup mounting, very tight

    My first build, humbuckers very tight, those springs look too long and the wiring has no room. It might compress or cut. Instructions don't mention this step?

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    Hi and welcome.

    It would help to know which kit you've got for a start!

    Some of the pickup routs are a bit on the tight side. I normally use a small sanding drum on a Dremel to enlarge them a bit to get the pickup sitting happily in the middle of the rout without being angled because it touches the sides.

    Humbucker pickup springs are normally a standard size, so shouldn't be too long. Unless this is a bass and teh springs go underneath the pickups, in which case they may be a bit on the long side.

    So it really helps us to know what your building, and pictures help!

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