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Thread: Mic's First Build - TLB-4M.

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    Drill running in reverse, stops it tearing out, but for from the front to back just in case. Can't say I've had that problem on a kit before, they are a fairly firm fit.
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    The proper way is to use a reamer. The reverse drill method is less exact and you'll need a very large drill for a bass tuner hole. Saying that, you'll need quite a large diameter reamer as well!

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    You'll only need to do the very top edge very slightly. Once you get the first bit of the ferrule in, the rest should follow if you press it in with a clamp.

    Alternatively, a large round file or sandpaper around a stick etc.

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    A dowel wrapped in sandpaper.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    cheers, Mark.

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    Thanks guys. They are just aBout there but it's needing a mm or two so theyl be a snug fit

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