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Thread: Tele 12string

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    Tele 12string

    Hi Simon .Could you please confirm if my TLA 12 F kit has been despatched yet .I ordered on Saturday 21st .Thanks . Cheers Roger Nash .

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    Hey Roger,

    Try emailing

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    Hi Roger,
    I am currently very slowly building a 12 string tele.
    You can check out my tele adventure diary or put up any questions on the build.
    I have had some interuptions but I haven't run into any major problems so far.
    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonic Mountain View Post
    Hey Roger,

    Try emailing

    Yep - Ads should be able to tell you. That said - the guys are pretty quick = if its in stock - it'll have shipped. However - with all the Covid stuff going on - may take some time to get to you - depending on where you are.

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    Indeed... Give at least a week more. Then, contact Adam by e-mail. He's awesome!

    Colin2121 I have a 6 string Tele kit waiting to be put together... I'll sneak into your diary....

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    Hi Colin .Thanks for your comments .I didnt know that any body else had thought of a 12 string build these days but I love the sound that Roger Mcgwinn of The Byrds gets but i cant afford a Rickenbacker 12 so this will have to do.

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    G'day Roger, have a look at how the Ric is strung compared to other 12 stringers.

    The orientation of the octave strings has a bit to do with the jangle rather than the normal fat and warm

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