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Thread: Bridge pickup pocket

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    Bridge pickup pocket

    Just wondering if this is normal to have to adjust the bridge pickup pocket this much?
    I know the guide says it is common with this style of bridge but I wasn't expecting it to be this much.
    Adjustment of the screws is probably 2/3 out.
    Photo shows bridge in the correct position 648mm from the nut.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    What kit is this one?

    Are you trying to get an even gap for the pickguard?

    It doesn't look abnormal, maybe a tad to far towards the neck. You mostly want adjustment back from the stated scale length (assuming 648mm here) for the thicker strings, so you could screw them out to 4/5ths and move it back a little with no dramas.

    Just confirm what kit you are playing with here before you do anything - the route doesn't look like the normal TL-1 route which is the model that usually gives this problem.
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    I'd move the saddles further forwards as Sonic says. They won't need to go any further forwards (towards the neck) than the full 648mm, so its a lot easier to move the saddles forwards than increase the size of the pickup rout. I's adjust them so that the end of the screw has disappeared inside the hole in the rear of the saddle by about 1mm, then see where that leaves you.

    Also, I don't know how well the Babicz bridge conforms to the dimensions of the standard kit bridge. If the kit has a separate bridge and a surround for mounting the humbucker, then there's absolutely no guarantee that an all-in-one bridge like that will fit exactly. Whilst a 'normal' Tele bridge plate for a single coil has standard dimensions, there really aren't any when moving to humbuckers.

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    The kit is a custom tele kit.
    The only routing on the front is for two humbuckers and the neck with a cavity in the back for the wiring. The scale length is 648.

    Currently if the pickup is in the bridge and sitting in the pocket the measurement to the bridge is 656mm

    Not trying to get it even for a pick guard as it doesn't have one just trying to get the bridge in the correct position and see what I need to do to get the pick up to fit into the pocket.

    Ill try tomorrow to do as you have suggested and move the adjustment out further and see where it is at.

    I have already made a routing template for the pickup pocket so it will be easy to adjust the pocket if necessary. The good thing is I suppose that if it does need enlarging that the bridge will cover the enlarged pocket and you'll never tell.

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