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Thread: Renegade Kings - waiting game and ep release

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    Renegade Kings - waiting game and ep release

    Well today sees track 2 being released from our latest recordings. Celebrating with a wee ep release night at Belfast Barge tonight. Sold out and ready to rock

    Here’s a song for you… Waiting Game - Radio Edit by Renegade Kings

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    Another good one (I have now succumbed to Spotify albeit for very specific tracks rather than general listening), though I do feel that the solo distorted guitar is a tiny bit out of tune in places and there are some timings in it that could be tidied up slightly. Something that a pitch correct plug-in could probably take care of, alongside some wave editing. But overall the track has a really nice vibe to it.

    Just wondering if you've come across a bluesy guitarist from NI called Dom Martin. A friend put me on to him and I really like what he does.

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