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Thread: MM-1Q - parts question

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    MM-1Q - parts question

    I'm on my second MM-1Q kit. The first one arrived without the headstock retainer bar, and the tremolo bar wouldn't thread properly onto the provided floyd rose licensed bridge.

    Despite that, it turned out GREAT - ordered the bar, the purchaser wasn't worried about loose fitting tremolo bar (won't get tight).

    I just got the 2nd one (another guy said I WANT ONE JUST LIKE THAT ) and it is exactly the same.

    Headstock bar just isn't there at all, ok. <shrug> but - the tremolo bar and the mounting nut seem to be of different thread styles (as before). Anybody done this dance before?

    Thanks from Arkansas USA.

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    Hi Agus,

    If you are missing parts, or have incorrect parts, I can send whatever you need on Monday. If you can email me the list of parts you need (or is it just the missing Headstock Bar and the correct Tremolo Bar you need?), I can send them Express, so it shouldn't hold up your build.

    If this is the 2nd MM-1 kit with the same missing parts, then clearly the factory has messed up with this batch of kits. We will go through the balance of stock to ensure all the parts are present and correct.

    Apologies if this has inconvenienced you.



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    Adam - email sent. Forum, note - Adam is *ON TOP* of this stuff. Great customer service.

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