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Thread: Dingotone Neck Finish

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    Dingotone Neck Finish

    Hi Guys,
    I have just received my Dingo tone guitar and neck finish kits for my first build TL-1 and I am about to commence applying the first coats which brings me to ask can I use the Colourless neck kit on both the neck and the fretboard and if I can use it on the fretboard should I cover the fret wire?
    Any ideas or assistance greatly appreciated.

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    Someone will be along with a definitive answer, but in general, itís ok to finish over the frets as normally you would remove it during levelling and dressing.

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    Hi Genesis 58 - I would use the colourless neck kit on the back of the neck but not the fretboard. I would wax the fretboard if it was me.

    IMHO - Dingotone is not hardy enough to withstand the fretted strings.

    that being said you could use it on the fretboard as a stain and sand it back then wax. (I was going to try this).
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