Just a couple of quick demos of the finished guitar. Really like how it plays and pushes the amp when played hard.
Setup with Vanson pickups. P90 in neck and 59 special in the neck with coil splitting option in the tone pot.
link to the build - https://www.buildyourownguitar.com.a...ead.php?t=9964

https://youtu.be/jbEOl9mOSnM - just noodling
https://youtu.be/e6XimJfJnqE - pickup demo
start - 0.41 - Neck
0.41 - 0.58 - both (split bridge)
0.58 - 1.24 - both (humbucker bridge)
1.24 - 1.51 - bridge (split)
1.51 - 2.16 - bridge (humbucker)

If you are thinking of building one of these stop thinking about it and just do it. Blown away by the playability and sound of this thing.