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Thread: ES-1F First Build

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    ES-1F First Build

    Just got the kit today and did a mock build.
    There's a few issues that I'll have to fix.
    The neck pick up cavity is a few millimetres small and there's some small gaps around the neck when it's in the pocket. I should just be able to send these out.

    I'm planning on painting this. Does anyone know if sanding sealer should be used priornto placing down a primer?

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    Good luck with your build. Just starting the set up on my es1 kit. Check out my build. Had a few similar issues. Neck pickup pocket needs the corners opened by a few mm for the pickup to fit. My neck fit was similar so I sanded a few mm of the heel to allow it to seat closer to the neck pocket binding. Should all be easy enough but sand a little and check lots just to be sure

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