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Thread: Hi from Canada

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    Hi from Canada

    Debating on a kit to try. Curious what other Canadian customers have experienced in terms of delivery and duty.

    I've never done a kit before, but do my own setups and electronic work. I'm interested in the GPR-1m, which given the set neck I'm guess is a bit more difficult than some others. I'm not worried about the extra difficulty, but am curious about other experience building these. How the neck fit out of the box? What the experience was like setting and gluing it? Anything else?? How did you finish it?


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    Hi from USA

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    I can't give you any advice on the GPR, but it's a nice looking kit so if you do get one I hope you do a build diary!

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    I too have not done that specific kit, but if you already have some skills doing set-ups and understand the basic geometry of a guitar, chances are you'll be fine.
    Of course additional woodworking, carpentry or building skills are a bonus and can transfer well.
    Plus there's heaps of knowledge and experience here when you have more questions.

    I've only done one set neck, but I had multiple screw-fixed neck builds/repairs/mods under my belt.
    As for neck fit and setting it, the first task is always doing a mock build or dry fit. This will help you identify any potential problems with fit, scale length etc.
    When shipping from overseas it's always good to let the timber adjust to your locations environment before jumping right in. A half mil of expansion/shrinkage can make a big difference.

    Generally speaking PBG kits are very good, but each one comes with it's own set of challenges and none of them are perfect. Gluing a neck can be daunting, but with good prep and practical thinking, you'll get it done.

    That kit looks nice and holds a lot of potential. The set neck kit I did was a PRS-style vaguely similar to the GPR-1M. Look forward to seeing where you take it if you pull the trigger.
    Best of luck!

    - Mick
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    Thanks for the info and encouragement. Cheers!

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    Hi and welcome.

    International air shipping tends to take a fairly similar time. For me in the UK, the kits normally arrive in the country 2-3 days after they are dispatched by Pit Bull. You are then down to the speed and efficiency of your customs and postal services. Itís typically a week after arrival here that I get a duty/tax to pay indication, so it invariably takes longer getting to me within the UK than it does getting to the UK from Australia.

    Obviously Covid slows things up at the moment, so all bets are off as to more exact timings.

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