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Thread: Popping Cherry with Hardtail Strat

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    I watched a ton of videos on YouTube posted by the KEDA guy.
    In one of them, he says that in order to get the dye to dissolve in an oil finish like Tung Oil or Tru-Oil, a bit of acetone is required.
    Of course, I値l try it out on scrap first to make sure the color is right.
    If it doesn稚 set up right, I値l definitely try it without the water.

    Maybe I値l dip one finger in particular in the dye and send you a pic.
    (also, just kidding)

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    Quote Originally Posted by McCreed View Post
    I'd have reservations about adding your dye mixture to the Tru Oil if it has water mixed into it. TO & water won't get along.
    I'll say. The oil will start lifting the colour and the action of spreading it will move colour around.
    I ended up using India ink instead.

    cheers, Mark.

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    Applied the first coat of Tru-Oil to the body today:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The proceedings were uneventful.
    I cut the Tru-Oil 50/50 with mineral spirits and applied lightly with a piece of cloth, from the middle outward.
    The thinning help it penetrate deeper, go on thinner, settle easier and takes a bit longer to get tacky.
    Once this coat dries, I'd consider the dye locked in.
    I can then apply the remaining coats with the grain and full strength (no mineral spirits).

    There's a pair of blocks in the pickup routings to allow the front to dry so not pics of the front at the moment.

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    Forgot to say, nice burst!
    That'll look great with the gloss coat over it.

    I've yet to try a hand rubbed burst with dyes. I *will* give it go one of these days!
    Making the world a better place; one guitar at a time...

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    "Alcohol does not give you much time before its gone" - too true!

    Looks fantastic and will finish up just beautifully.

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    Thanks for the kind words. I super please with the result.
    2nd coat of straight Tru-Oil went on this morning.
    It's finally lost its deep thirst. A slight bit of sheen has started to build in a few areas.
    The end grain is still flat and thirsty.

    Back to the neck plan...
    As expected, the dye mixture did not dissolve with Tru-Oil.
    However, the shot of acetone did not work any magic. It all looked like salad dressing.

    Plan B: I've shot a message to the dye powder manufacturer to get his recommendations. I will share those here when I get them.

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    Great looking burst. I知 not usually a fan of the red and black burst but you have won me over.
    How have you tried to mix your solutions? I know acetone wiped the Tru Oil off the face of a headstock of mine. What order and volumes did you mix? Perhaps there is a correct order of mixing products.

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    Mr. KEDA responded really quickly, several times, and on the weekend.
    I was not expecting that kind of support. Great guy.
    Bottom line, he tested several formulas himself and says that Tru-Oil is its own beast and nothing really works to get his products dissolved in it.

    I read a few posts across the net stating that oil based artist paint works with Tru-Oil.
    Those paints are composed of pigment suspended in linseed oil, which is an ingredient in Tru-Oil.
    Sounds plausible. I値l report back.

    Had I not already laid down some Tru-Oil on the bare neck, I壇 be staining the wood or using a different finish.
    I never expected this to be a challenge.
    Challenge accepted.

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    I never expected this to be a challenge.
    Challenge accepted

    We need rebels and pioneers here! Go forth and... do stuff!
    Making the world a better place; one guitar at a time...

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    FunkedOut - very interesting reading your journey. Thanks for sharing it all. The burst finish looks great so far. I too am a first timer building a guitar with and for my son (he's 15 y.o.). Way further back than you so far. But having lots of fun and learning heaps.
    All the best with the rest of everything, especially your Tru-Oil 'challenge'!
    Under way - EXM-1

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