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Thread: My first build

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    Question My first build

    Hi, this is my first build from a pitbull guitar.

    I find a crack in the neck and i don't know what to do with it, someone who has more experience than me can help me with this crack?

    First I decided to paint this guitar like the famous James hetfield "eet fuk", but after i decided to paint this guitar in a green fluo with black crackles on it.
    The neck will be paint with only trasparent paint.

    I'll post some updates and pictures in the next week

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    This is the link, the previous didn't work:

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    Ok so i use some plastic putty for wood to fill some gaps in the neck-body joint.
    I have sanded the body with 400,800 and 1000 sand paper and glued the neck in the body.
    Now I'll wait 18/20h to leave the time to the glue to catch on and tomorrow I'll start spraying the primer on the body.

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    Enrico did nobody reply to you? We're usually better than that. Sounds like it got under control though. Good luck! Which kit?

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    Hi Enrico and welcome. Iím sorry no one got back to when you first posted. I think a lot of people may have been caught up with the Summer holidays. I hope your repair works out for you. The glue from the neck joint will hopefully help as well.

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    It's an exm-1.
    The glue has done its job, now the body and neck are glued. after almost 48 hours of rest I gave the first coats of primer on the body, while the handle will keep it wood-colored

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