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Thread: Have I been sent the wrong body for my build?

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    Have I been sent the wrong body for my build?

    Hey there, first time builder here with a concern. I purchased a 12 string ST style kit and the body I received has a cutout for a standard style Strat tremolo, but this 12 string is a hard tail bridge. I haven't measured it out properly because it's late and I don't want to go to the shed but it seems as if I would need to be drilling into the open space to attach the bridge. Is this a mistake on their end or am I missing something here?
    Also annoying I paid for the bone nut upgrade and got one with standard 6 string grooves cut out.
    Pictures for reference

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    Hi there, we have sent you the wrong body, I'm sorry.

    There's a Tremolo version and a Hardtail version. You've got the Tremolo body with Hardtail hardware.

    Two solutions:

    1. We send you a Tremolo bridge so you have a tremolo ST-12 kit; or
    2. We send you the correct hardtail body.

    Which would you prefer?



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    Hey Adam, thanks for replying. I know it's a lot more hassle than the bridge sorry but I'd much prefer to have the hard tail body. Send me an email when you're next free.
    sean.r.a.davies at gmail

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