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Thread: DTZ-1 (ie TL-1) Wiring With Black Hardware

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    DTZ-1 (ie TL-1) Wiring With Black Hardware

    Finally getting around to wiring up my kit and I was initially happy that it was (seemingly) a nice simple soldering job for a change since most of it is already done. However, there's a white wire off the back of the volume pot that isn't on the wiring diagram. I gather this is meant to connect to the bottom of the bridge plate to ground the strings.

    However, I've ordered the black hardware and a continuity test indicates that all these parts are coated in non-conductive paint. As far as I can tell, all the metal contact points of the strings are coated in paint, as is the back of the bridge plate. So, unless I'm missing something, am I meant to sand/scrape some paint away from the back of the bridge plate and also remove the paint from the string holes on the bridge to ensure all strings are grounded?

    Seems like the solution, but thought I'd ask just in case there's something else I'm not thinking of that I should be doing.

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    Never mind. I mounted the ground wire to the base of the bridge pickup and shaved away the paint from the inside of the string holes. Seems to work fine.

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