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Thread: New guitar day today.

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    I finally decided to swap out the stock pickups in my Mexican Telecaster for the Tonerider Hot Classics in my custom Butterscotch Blonde Telecaster, there are two reasons why I decided to do that, firstly I found that I was playing the Mexican Telecaster more than the custom Telecaster, and secondly I do like the Tonerider Hot Classics more than the stock Fender ones, I did also notice that the Toneriders do seem to work better with my Marshall amp's overdrive channel as well, and seeing as the Mexican Telecaster is going to be one of my main gigging guitars along with my Fender USA Strat, I'm going to spruce it up a bit by replacing the stock scratchplate screws and 3-way pickup switch with the ones from the custom Telecaster, I can always buy new hardware and pickups, etc for the custom Telecaster at a later date, besides, I'm going to be replacing the custom Tele's neck with a better one at a later date anyway.

    Just had a quick look in the neck pocket of the Mexican Tele's body and yes, it is indeed made of solid wood and not plywood.
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