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16-12-2016, 06:18 PM
Herein the recipe for Ritchies' various Strats down through the years.... as well as a whole lot of other stuff!!


21-12-2016, 02:04 PM
I'd hate to be the guy that sanded his fretboard flat.....


21-12-2016, 02:33 PM
I have a lot of respect for Ritchie Blackmore and his playing, he's done some really cool stuff during his career, he's even been an influence on some other famous guitarists, like Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

21-12-2016, 07:24 PM
People have deified Clapton for his tone, phrasing and stylings, but really; Blackmore had been there, done that as a 17 year old wunderkind with Joe Meek and Screaming Lord Sutch in the early and mid 60s!

His biography is an interesting read, and he doesn't come across as particularly easy to get along with... he could, in fact, be an arsehole of immense proportions, but his guitar playing.... oh, my!!

Anyway, his strat; a tele by another name?! Though that dummy middle coil was reverse wound to alleviate that good ol' single coil hum. Fender do a Signature Strat but I figure the wiring isn't that much removed from standard and the only tricky part of a build would be the graduated scalloping of the fretboard....

22-12-2016, 04:05 AM
A few years back I played a custom shop Strat with a scalloped neck and found it hard to bond with.

One of my mates has a bunch of custom guitars from Fender, Gibson & PRS hanging on the wall and was looking for a White Falcon to complete the collection.

The guitars are all right handed, he's a left handed drummer who can't play a note :D

29-12-2016, 06:54 AM
The guitars are all right handed, he's a left handed drummer who can't play a note :D

Well clearly he is an unusual drummer. A drummer who appreciates and knows what an instrument is must be a very rare thing... ;)

27-02-2017, 01:42 AM
Thanks for this interesting article about Ritchie Blackmore. He is still my hero and I can honestly say that his music (with Deep Purple and Rainbow) made me as the person I am right now.