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17-02-2015, 07:54 PM
Hi everyone.

I would like have some opinions about my tries. All of them are drawn by me with a round object and a USB Cable :)

One of the headstocks is planned to be Strat-like shape, the other one will be simple.

I do not have any devices for the cut, just a jigsaw. So which one would you suggest me to do?

17-02-2015, 08:08 PM
Izmir - ultimately it comes down to you and how you feel about the guitar. Personally I'm more into the first two (bit of a traditionalist at heart), but it's not my guitar. It's what you like.

Jigsaws are fine for a cut - give yourself a little leeway and be prepared to sand :). Also clamp it down well - the jigsaw will want to bounce around like no-one's business.

17-02-2015, 08:56 PM
Quite like the bottom right hand one, but not sure if it would suit a Strat shape..

The best advice I can give you is to keep sketching ideas and I am sure you will hit on the right shape for you.

Handy tip. Cut your designs out of heavy card and stick them on the headstock and prop it up where you can see it everytime you walk into the room. This way you will get a feel for the shape that really speaks to you :)

17-02-2015, 08:58 PM
Hi Singulum,

As Brendan says, its really up to you, and which one YOU prefer.

But I think for your first guitars it would be safe to stick to designs that you know work. So if you are building a Strat type guitar the first one would look good and if its a Tele type the second would look best.

You can always go to a "custom" design when you feel more comfortable with the guitars that you build. I made quite a few guitars before I felt comfortable enough to try a "custom" design.

And a jig-saw will be fine. I just use an old coping saw myself. But you'll soon realize that I am a bit odd because if there is an easy way or a hard way to do anything, I usually choose the hard way.


18-02-2015, 09:25 AM
Hi Singulum,
I like some of your sketch shapes. As others have said its entirely up to you but a good tip what Dingobass said cut out the shape on thick card and stick it on and see if you like it.
Might pay to go more traditional (top left) and after a couple of builds start your own custom design.
I think bottom right could work with a rounder top edge but entirely up to you.
There are so many different shapes you can cut as these paddles are quite large.
For ideas just google image "strat headstock shapes" will give you some other ideas.
Best of luck and don't cut with the jigsaw too close to the line you draw. Allow for some sanding after

18-02-2015, 10:23 AM
I'm of the opinion headstock shape is crucial. It can really let down a good looking guitar to have a rushed, misshapen headstock. DB and Wokka are on the money, cut it out in paper or card and look at it from different angles over a few days, you will notice what you like and don't like and where you need to change. As with everything, don't rush it and you will be much more satisfied with the end result.

Oh and if you end up wanting a traditional fender shape, there are PDFs available in another thread that make it easy

18-02-2015, 11:03 PM
Greetings. Take your such good advices, I decided to keep traditional with a look-and-draw design :)



will be happy to hear more before I start jigsawing this weekend.


19-02-2015, 08:03 AM
Another handy tip.. Draw your shape on the back of the paddle before cutting out.. Saves a lot of bad words being said :)

19-02-2015, 10:59 AM
Yep, as DB says, for an 'F' type guitar if you're using a jigsaw definitely cut from the back (otherwise the sloped 'step' up to the fretboard will get in your way). The maple is hard so take your time and cut slowly, giving yourself good clearance from your marked line/pattern. It's easy enough to rasp/file/sand down to the line and clean up afterwards for a nice smooth shape, rather than having to fix a spot where you cut too far. Good luck.

12-10-2018, 10:27 PM
Whats this drawing technique?
I've never seen anything like it and I'm interested to know more about it.

13-10-2018, 10:54 AM
I think that Singulum just used something round to trace around and then a cable (like a USB cable) to do curves... Most cables will naturally fall into a curve that you can trace to get a smoother curve than a hand drawn one.

13-08-2019, 05:57 AM
I think you've chosen well. It's hard to go wrong with slight variations on the classic Fender designs. Most of the best ones are similar I think. I find that most of the ones I like the best are subtle variations on the classic Fender theme...
G&L "eye gouger"
Epiphone batwing
MM asymetrical
favorite minimal attempt to avoid legal action...