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26-09-2013, 02:34 AM
So what is the story with the necks in the "Bodies and Necks" section? Does DB make them all to standard specs or is there some input from the buyer as to what they want. I assume you would get to choose if it is for a Tele or Strat? Is there different options for neck cross-section (eg v-neck vs c-neck), or neck depth (deep c vs shallow c). Would the cost of the a neck set-up be additional to the cost of the neck (I'm assuming so). For those of us without access to drillpresses, would it be possible to get the tuner holes drilled?

27-09-2013, 04:27 AM
they seems good value , I am in the early stages of redoing an old cort neck. The one I chipped at my first ever effort at making a bone nut for it. I wouldn't mind neck option of all done excepting the fitment of frets, and the slots cut, that way you could have the option of trying to do your own fret markers (dot) or graphics on the fret board before fitting the frets.

27-09-2013, 08:50 PM
Guys the necks on the site for $49 are from China, they are provided as inexpensive options for those who don't have the tools or skills to make a neck or can't afford a genuine Fender or Gibson neck. We couldn't buy the raw wood needed for one neck for $49.

Fretworn, yes, the idea is that eventually we will have Dingobass made necks available, which can be custom ordered to any specs (with or without frets, inlays, machine head holes, binding, etc). Not sure about pricing, but I'm guessing starting around the $200 mark.

28-09-2013, 01:29 AM
I have a friend who I have been trying to convince to get into kit building. He is interested in a Bass neck-through-body neck (buy the neck and a couple of wings to attach and shape to taste). I'd be keen on a guitar neck-through-body neck myself. Maybe these types of options could be available in future? :)

08-10-2013, 11:05 AM
ARRRRRRRRRG! Guys, there are only 24 hours in a day.....

But what the heck, bring it on!

If any of you have specific ideas for a custom kit,(ESPECIALLY A BASS KIT) email me at dingobass@pitbullguitars.com and we can discuss what you want and then I can work out how much it will cost.

Of course it wont be any where near the price of our kits as what you will be getting is a unique, custom Luthier hand crafted Guitar or Bass that you get the satisfaction of assembling and finishing.
What you will get a top end hand crafted instrument for considerably less dollars than a "custom shop" G or F Guitar or Bass...

31-10-2013, 02:48 AM
if i got the fretless conversion and also paid for a plain ebony fretboard, would i be able to get the plain fretboard on the neck?

31-10-2013, 05:03 AM
Lachie, I am not sure what you are asking here? So I could be off-target with my response.

A fretless conversion means that the frets have been removed leaving the slots where the frets used to be. These can be filled neatly but then your issue is that the fretboard is rosewood and not ebony? However, if you are simply wanting a 'fretless' fretboard I'm not sure why you would remove the frets if you were planning on removing and replacing the fretboard with one that had never been fretted?

This being said, to remove the fretboard and replace it with another is a whole different boardgame altogether! Removing the fretboard requires melting the glue, but the glue used may not melt (if it's not Titebond or a hide glue) and that will then be the end of your project. Preparing another fretboard requires radiussing the fretboard, trimming it to size, inserting (MOP) fret markers and then fixing it back onto the neck as well as slotting the nut....So sure it can be done, but how much money do you have to throw at this project?