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Scott J.
09-07-2013, 12:19 PM
Hi Guys,

two primary questions for the "finicky fingerer" :) ... these are for the EX-1, FV-1G, SG-1 & ES-1G models.

1. Dimensions of fingerboards (i.e. width at Nut and 12th fret, radius, etc.) - how "faithful" to the dimensions of the original models are your kits? ... are they quite faithful, just close or nothing the same?

... having payed a variety of originals (all owned by other people of course - I'm not that rich! :( ) I know what size neck/fingerboards sit most comfortably in my hand and works best with my "ham-fisted" technique

2. Frets - do the fingerboards (on the models mentioned above) use the "fatter" Gibson style frets? Or are they the "thinner" Fender style?

... "ham-fisted" techniques like mine find the fatter Gibson style frets easier to play (i.e. mistakes don't sound as obvious! :D )

09-07-2013, 01:03 PM
Hi Scott

These are Kit Guitars, unfortunately not exact copies of originals otherwise they would come at much higher prices simply because a greater investment in machinery etc. would be required in the factory to produce the multitude of varients. You will hopefully appreciate that there will be many things that are standardized when working on a kit build. For example, the fretboard radius of all of the PBG guitars is 12' . This means for the factory a lower outlay in capital expenditure and for you and I a much more affordable product that we can try our hand at building as well as not having to outlay $$$ on buying numerous additional tools for each option! :) Also I think most of us would feel its not too hectic if you stuff up a $200 guitar! But to waste maybe a $1000...you might not be so keen to try your hand at building!

In all there are modifications you can make if you have the skill to whatever takes your fancy. For example, if you dont like the supplied frets, rip them out and put in the material, colour, height and width of fret that you want. This is after all what building a kit is all about. To enjoy the art of Lutherie and to be able to tell your mates, "hey! I built this guitar!"

Its a journey of discovery and accomplishment, plus a sense of pride at building something you will cherish for years!

09-07-2013, 10:41 PM
Hi Scott, just to back up what Gavin has already said, yes, the kits are generic in nature, and yes they are different to the iconic brand names, but at just a fraction of the price.

To put it in context, I am primarily a bass player but have owned a Gibson Les Paul for about 20 years. Since building my "Strat" kit, it has become my #1 guitar. It was my first build and I made some mistakes, but I MADE IT. I have already bought another "Strat" kit, and this time around I will upgrade some parts and give it a different character than my first. The satisfaction of playing an instrument you made yourself is without measure.

To be honest you get used to playing whatever guitar you have. My Gibson is a 1980 "fretless wonder" vintage. I have taken the "Strat" frets down to the same height, and although not "Jumbo" frets it has a similar feel.. As Gav said, you can always take the frets out and replace with Jumbo's . It may feel a little different to the Gibson, but the more I play it the less that difference matters

Bottom line, for under $200 you can build you own guitar and mod it to your heart's content. Yes, it will never be a Gibson, it will be "yours".

Good luck with whatever decisions you make.