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09-05-2020, 05:49 PM

His story is amazing and I am honored to have him. I first met The Duke online via petfinder.org I did not get the chance to visit w him at the shelter initially as I was outbound on vacation. I figured.. well.. opportunity lost.

Lo and behold, I return and he's still listed on the site so I roll on over the the Gulf Coast Humane Society to "meet" him.

"Duke? Oh he's not here. He's in Jail". ????

Turns out, he was enrolled in the "Second Chance Pals" program. A very special program that benefits dogs and inmates at the Lee County Department of Corrections facility in Ft. Myers Florida.

Duke was in for 90 days. We would bust him outta jail every Saturday for "visits". His behaviors improved weekly.


Funny thing... The MRS and I had to pass BACKGROUND CHECKS.. in order to be allowed on-premesis... as they put the entire facility on LOCKDOWN for "Graduation Day" when all the dogs in the program complete their training.

So we pass muster... and get to see our Dog, The Duke, a 75lb "Valley Bulldog" Graduate! Got to meet his inmate trainer and everything.l This was three months of amazing stuff!


DUKE..... My MAIN MAN!!!! was SO "inexperienced" as dogs go... he ATTACKED and almost seriously damaged my Seagull S6 Acoustic guitar first time it ever made noise! LOL... he's MUCH better w guitars now.. and LOVES to "SING" w the harmonica!

The Duke. A Dog... and his TIRE.


09-05-2020, 10:05 PM
Sounds like a great dog. And I hope your Seagull survived!