View Full Version : Fender Telecaster Custom

12-03-2020, 05:40 AM
My son has decided he wants a Fender Telecaster Custom guitar built by myself (see pic). I am just wondering whether the TL-1HA kit would work with the single pole pickup in the bridge position with a new or altered scratch plate. Any thoughts or would I have to order a custom kit?


Simon Barden
12-03-2020, 05:57 AM
It could certainly be done if you are up to doing some basic routing and filling in of holes.

If you go for a proper wide range style pickup for the neck, then that's wider than a standard humbucker, so the neck pup rout will need to be made a bit wider to suit. The bridge pickup will be a bit further back than the humbucker of the standard kit, so you'll probably need to do a mixture of filling in and routing out. The good thing is that any small mistakes will be mainly hidden by the scratchplate. I'd get a suitable scratchplate and base everything around that. Also, choosing a solid colour rather than a stain + clear will make it easier to hide any filling or joins.