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  1. I love Pro Tools But there's much cheaper options that are equal to it.
  2. We're old school
  3. Android Apps
  4. Mixing: Tips, Tricks and Techniques
  5. You Bass Players May Enjoy This
  6. Recording And Mixing Techniques
  7. Free stuff!
  8. I know some people don't like dance music but I just have to build me A TB303 Clone
  9. Production Sounds Ref Musical Examples
  10. Singing
  11. You can build a Pc that also runs Mac software too
  12. Have you built one of these Guitars
  13. Demo's. Post yr Stuff Here
  14. A Great Audio Interface Mixer that can be used in Studio Or Live Android IOS Etc
  15. Sony Developed New Tape That Supposedly Has Tremendous Storage
  16. New Free Software By Waves Called Tracks Live Limited Time
  17. Zoom R16
  18. Using effects pedals on Bass
  19. This is why I dislike Macs
  20. For guitarist and bass player Bias for ipad and iPhone great guitar sounds
  21. Some Bargain Plugins Weekend Only
  22. Getting Bigger Gigs
  23. Moving A Drum Kit To A Different Location The Difference in Sound
  24. Small wearable amps and recorders
  25. Using 64 bit operating system for your computer
  26. Building A PC
  27. The Pono Music Player
  28. Belfield Music Launch New Products Tickets Below Brisbane Sydney And Melbourne
  29. Modern Studio Techniques With Producer J R Rotem
  30. Pro Tools Lessons
  31. Butch Vig In the studio working on vocals Producer Of Nirvana ,Garbage , Smashing Pum
  32. Win yourself an Overwater Bass Guitar Competition
  33. Reaper Help Tutorials And Blog
  34. Here's some info for Computer Buffs
  35. Recording Drums With One Microphone
  36. Guitar Tricks In Pro Tools
  37. Click link below get $149.00 Plugin For $19.00 just enter easteregg as voucher
  38. Dad & Dave & Bloody Brownie
  39. Grab yourself Recabinet 4 with 40% Off
  40. James Bays Cd Worth A Listen
  41. Building a "Hackintosh"
  42. Free Daw Software Studio One Version 2
  43. Just got new band together
  44. Positive Grids Bias Fx For Ipad
  45. Mic placement for speaker cabs
  46. Becareful Of using SSD drives for important data
  47. John Benson Bass Guitar Pickups
  48. Record Drums The Bob Clearmountain Way With Two Mics
  49. Best Music Playback Software EVER!!!
  50. Looking at buying myself an Avid Eleven Rack in July this year.
  51. Acoustic guitar midi controller
  52. Guitar Plugin For DAWS
  53. Guitar interface for Android Devices supposedly deals with the latency issues
  54. Thunderbolt 3 On its way
  55. One Guitar 9 Different Sounds Microphone Placement
  56. Wi-Fi guitar connection
  57. Shopping for a new Laptop tomorrow.
  58. Here's a link for a $50 Dollar voucher to put towards Waves Daw Plugins
  59. iRig Question
  60. Build your own programmable stomp box
  61. Chris Squires Bass Player with Yes Dies
  62. Build Your Own Small Tube Amp
  63. A Great Mic For Recording Guitars , Amps Or Male Vocals
  64. Did any of you guys download the free Pro Tools First
  65. 5 Ways To Boost Your Creative Mojo
  66. Six Ways To Give An Old Amp New Life
  67. Any android sofware usable with external mic in recording band rehearsals?
  68. A new type of instrument cable is on the way
  69. New Equipment From NAMM
  70. Getting A Guitar Tone With Joey Sturgis
  71. Free Synth Plugin
  72. How About Building A Little Monitor Speaker To Help In Mixing Your Tracks
  73. Free Synth Plugin Called Signal
  74. Waves $250.00 Multiband Compressor $29.00
  75. Positive Grids FX Now Available for IPad And Desktop Computers
  76. Line 6 Tone Made Easy Classes Maybe Near You
  77. Convert Your Guitar Into A Midi Instrument Using Software
  78. Waves Manny Marroquin Reverb Plugin Today Only $25.00
  79. New Interactive Show Sound Music And Technology
  80. Bass Solo By Melvin Davis He doesn't Miss A Beat
  81. Chris Lord Alge Drum Mix Plugin Today Only $29.00 Nornally $150.00
  82. I Hadn't Heard This Before So If you'd Heard Already Cool ( Bad Joke )
  83. Acoustic Treatment
  84. Gettin a bright distortion sound
  85. Great DAW Plugin By Waves Jack Joseph Puig's Complete Vocal $29.00 Today Only
  86. 2 x 12 or 1 x 12
  87. Audio Interface for Android Devices
  88. Rupert Neve New Di Box
  89. New Audio Interface By Focusrite For Those That Have Thunderbolt Ports
  90. A Good FREE Drum VST
  91. Great cheap little midi mixer
  92. Windows 10
  93. Bias FX Stephen Carpenter The Deftones
  94. How Did They Get That Sound 6 Famous Records
  95. Check Out Line 6 Helix Amazing !!!
  96. Impulse Responses
  97. Free Plugin For Most Daws Modelled On All Tube British Recording Desk From 60s
  98. An Alternative Version Of Acdc's Thunderstruck
  99. Great Resource Pages For a Your Daw Software
  100. Sonarworks Ref 3 Studio Calibration And Measurement Software
  101. Bought myself a new Novation launchpad Mini today, seems to work fine in Windows 10.
  102. Free Mono Synth Bass Plugin
  103. Positive Grid Bias Has Added Impulse Response Loader
  104. An Article About Motowns Chief Engineer Russ Terrana
  105. 5 Ways To Record A Great Bass Track
  106. CPU Performance And Realtime Performance On Digital Workstation
  107. Convert those nice Silver Aluminum Mac G5 And Mac Pro Cases To Accept Pc Motherboards
  108. The Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra on your recordings here's a great deal
  109. Polytune Clip Guitar Tuner
  110. Unusual Free Speech Synth Plugin
  111. Positive Grids New Bluetooth Midi Foot Controller
  112. Free $200 Synth Plugin By UVI Valid Till Sept 13th Digital Sensations
  113. Pedals turn guitar into Electric Piano or Organ
  114. Waves GTR 3 Guitar Tool Rack 3 Plugin
  115. UAD have released a new USB3 Windows Audio Interface
  116. Bias Head Amp Match
  117. Just bought an Ableton Live 9 Standard Box online from Ableton.com
  118. Free Amplion Guitar Plugin For Your Daw
  119. Great Apps for the iPad when you don't have a guitar at work or holidays
  120. Individual String Capos Fretlock
  121. Free Yamaha Keyboard Samples
  122. 6 Waves Daw Plugins At Greatly Recuced Prices $29.00 US Dollars Each
  123. Bias Fx Desktop Plugin
  124. Billy Sheehan in the studio tracking - a great watch
  125. Warren Huart Producer Recording Bass Di And Amp
  126. Is Microsofts First Laptop A Apple Mac Pro Killer
  127. If any of you guys are looking for a really good DAW interface that's a great price
  128. Eleven Rack Users Heres Some Presets For You
  129. Tone Shootout with Speakers from Eminence, Celestion, and Hempopotamus
  130. Imagine having the microphone of your dreams recording your vocals or guitars
  131. Latest Products From AES Convention 2015
  132. Now's The a Time To Get That $99.00 Pro Tools 12 Upgrade 12.3 On Its Way
  133. The complete recording package
  134. Two Day Torpedo Cab Simulator
  135. The Music Business
  136. Check Out This Band Eska And You Can Play Around With The Recorded Stems
  137. SPL Plugin normally $59.00 (US) Currently $9.00
  138. Bias Pedal
  139. Win Pro Tools 12
  140. Eleven Rack Download The Free In Depth Guide
  141. If your looking for a great synth that has great variety and plays presets
  142. IK Multimedia Announce Acouctic Guitar Microphone
  143. Nice Cans
  144. Exhale Vocal Engine Plugin
  145. My Audio Interfaces.
  146. New FL Studio Track.
  147. A Great Deal Normally $249.00 Special Offer $29.00 Kramer HLS plugin From Waves
  148. New Synth Sampler Flesh by Tim Exhile And Native Instruments
  149. If you need some Drum Loops or Rex2, Stylus RMX, AIFF or Wav Drum Backing tracks
  150. Piano Plugin Check Out The Review And Video
  151. New Amp From Yamaha
  152. Soundtown Perth Sale
  153. New Waves Vocal Plugin Voicecentric By Greg Wells
  154. Doing A Clean Install Of Pro Tools On Mac
  155. Ok Who Wants A Waves Reverb Plugin Normally $99.00 Free
  156. Any body wanting to create your own plugins for synths or special effects
  157. Saw this capo liked it has interchangeable inserts for different fret radius profiles
  158. The Ultimate Music App For You a Guys With IPads
  159. Stanley Kubrick does he admit to faking the Moon Landings for US Government
  160. Line 6 Updates Driver
  161. Free Daw Plugins
  162. Saw this little clip on amp the other day for acoustic guitars brilliant sound
  163. Scott talks to producer Warren Huart about being a session bass player.
  164. Free Eleven Rack Sounds
  165. Pro Tools 12 Lesson 1
  166. Novation Launchkey Mini And Launchpad Mini Midi Controllers
  167. New Audioline Powered Studio Monitors
  168. For You Guys Looking For A Fret Slotting Mitre Box Cheapish
  169. Ableton Live 9 Standard Authorized On My Desktop PC And Laptop
  170. How To Get A Good Guitar Tone In A DAW.
  171. Today weve lost a great musical genius David Bowie 69
  172. Add Glenn Frey to the list
  173. Vox to introduce new guitar
  174. Namm 2016 New Products
  175. Free Optical Compressor For A Variety Of DAWS Normally $119.00
  176. Imagine Any Amp at your finger tip's then add another and blend them together
  177. Getting best performances Nicolas Vernhes
  178. Lets Hear Your Home Recordings or Vidoes
  179. Build your own sound proof Studio
  180. Free Vinyl plugin by Izotope
  181. Free Digital Delay From Izotope Till March
  182. Building My New DAW PC
  183. Steven Slate Virtual Mic System
  184. Tascams New Audio interface
  185. Tascams New Audio interface
  186. Free plugins that sound excellent well worth a try
  187. For you guys that love electronic projects
  188. Today I Watched Andrew Scheps Mix Ziggy Marley's Fly Rasta
  189. Talent a broom and a shovel
  190. What is a Reamping box
  191. What do you use a Mac or PC to record
  192. How to connect external midi hardware to Pro Tools
  193. Interview With Eddie Kramer
  194. Waves Puig Fairchild 660 and 670 Compressors normal price $349.00
  195. Free plugin maybe worth a download and try
  196. Free plugin maybe worth a download and try
  197. Building a successful Pro Tools or DAW Computer
  198. Everything you need to know about pro tools 12
  199. Bias Head Amp
  200. Free Plugins For Pro Tools And Other Daws
  201. The Eleven Rack Plugin And Hardware
  202. Playing well with others live
  203. Recording acoustic guitars with only one mic part 1
  204. Go Download A Free Guitar Effects Plugin Multidrive for DAWS
  205. Great new music creation app Blocs Wave
  206. Transform anything into a musical instrument
  207. John Benson Strat pickups as used by Liam Jon
  208. 5 Free Plugins Worth Checking Out
  209. Grab yourself a bargain plugin $19.00 instead of $149.00 Tube Rectifier Plugin
  210. Pro Tools Series Of Videos Usng Cloud Collaboration
  211. The DAW Timing Trick Pushing The Beat
  212. Watch Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration Being Tested
  213. Software claims to tell you wether or not your track is going to be a hit or not
  214. John Bensons Gilmour And SR62 Pickups
  215. For You Guys That Like Country Controlling Bend From Foot Pedals
  216. Stackable Portable Gobos To Build Vocal Booths,Guitar Rooms,Drum Rooms Etc
  217. New Yamaha Acoustics With affects that don't need an external amp
  218. Getting in to DAWS
  219. Latest Products From Musikmesse
  220. Guide to using Studio One DAW
  221. Looking for a great microphone check this out
  222. Brilliant New Plugin for live performances Feedback Eliminator Plugin By Waves
  223. Jack White Interview talking about songwriting
  224. Not seen this before is this the real Elvis lol
  225. 6 things to consider when moving Pro Tools Sessions between other DAWS
  226. Which DAW is right for you
  227. Using Chris Lord Alge's Waves CLA Effects On Vocals
  228. Gilad Hekselman Pedal Tricks
  229. Reaper audio playback problem
  230. Dave Pensados Mixing Techniques
  231. Simuanalog Guitar Suite
  232. Testing A UAD Apollo 8p and 8 Recording Drums Bass And Guitar
  233. It now seems we've also lost Prince age 57 to best band in the sky
  234. 1st cut of a demo
  235. Re-arranging my bedroom studio today.
  236. If you use a DAW these pages may be of use
  237. Here's some more free plugins you might be interested in.
  238. John Bonamassa Free Gift Download Album
  239. Princes Moble Recording Studio
  240. The Low End Mix Trick
  241. Your Top Choice Of Guitarists And Bass Players
  242. Amazing Guitars That You've Had In a Your And Hands And Let Go Of
  243. Casio CZ Synth Free Plugin
  244. DrNomis_44's Hackintosh Build
  245. Great Bass Playing Dreadful Singer
  246. Here's one for Doc
  247. Haythem Playing The Devils Chicken
  248. Clever idea great electronics but needs someone to design a body that looks nice
  249. If you have a Asus Motherboards be wary about updating Win 7
  250. Beautiful UAD Fender 55 Tweed Deluxe Plugin