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  1. Swap, Trade or Unload your unwanted gear here.
  2. Tanglewood twr sfce for sale, Gold Coast
  3. PBG bits and pieces : Hardware
  4. Black Tele Control Pate
  5. looking for gold hardware
  6. Black pickup ring screw
  7. Looking for Pathfinder 15R
  8. wanted - SG-1F set neck
  9. 6 Chrome Tuning Machines
  10. Water slide decal/vinyl decal
  11. Wanted for School Contest: Any damaged/unwanted Kit.
  12. Chrome TOM bridge
  13. Broken headstock Epiphone G400
  14. Change the look of your build - Pickups to give away
  15. Chinese neck I don't want
  16. Black Telecaster Control Plate
  17. Looking to trade or swap
  18. Looking for bass drum or large drum shell
  19. wanted chrome LP jack plate
  20. WTB - Full Electrics and tuners to suit HSS Super Strat
  21. Looking to fund my next build
  22. To give away Spalt IB1
  23. to give away TLA1 partial kit
  24. Urgent!
  25. Wanted - black trapeze tailpiece
  26. Free LP Kit Hardware
  27. Wanted
  28. Not Mine, but someone here might want....
  29. Selling My Gretsch to BUILD MORE STUFF!!
  30. Stalled Project bits
  31. Parts Wanted for Red Pine Lap Steel
  32. Selling - Pit Bull Guitar EXG-7A Transparent Honey
  33. Black LP covers - for LPA-7
  34. Lookin' for a lefty who wants a reverse headstock deal.
  35. Seymour Duncan Full Shred Bridge Pickup
  36. 200 bucks... LP-1S Spalted Maple LP Electric Guitar Kit (Bolt On Neck)
  37. Jarrah for give away
  38. K. Yairi acoustic - thoughts on value please guys????
  39. 10 or 12 Cab Speaker
  40. Aldi Airbrush Kit 22nd July
  41. Marshall quad box FS
  42. Bolt-on neck wanted (buy/trade)
  43. Live rig for sale
  44. Looking for a mid output bridge humbucker
  45. Genuine Rickenbacker 4003 for sale $2,500
  46. Yamaha Pacifica PAC 112CVX for sale $250
  47. Yamaha BB235 - 5 String Bass for Sale $450 ono
  48. Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Special II for sale $350 ono
  49. I need a chrome L/H Strat trem...
  50. Bugera V5 Infinium Vintage 5W Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo for sale - $300
  51. Why Igor is banned from eBay......
  52. Telecaster body and mighty mite neck
  53. DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary Zebra Bridge pickup.
  54. Guitar Racks
  55. Pitbull LP jr kit
  56. Standard Hardware for Les Paul
  57. Tonerider Generators
  58. Ash Explorer Body and Neck
  59. Hollowbody kit body and neck giveaway
  60. XGP Guitar setup case
  61. Tele Metal pickguard and Control Plate "Anubis"
  62. Gold, 6 in line tuners
  63. Wanted black EX -1 hardwear
  64. Custom RCM-1 Kit for Sale
  65. Free nut. Gibson style AllParts nut
  66. Jim Dunlop Rotovibe and Line6 PodXT Live
  67. Gold Frequensator Trapeze Tailpiece Hollowbody/Archtop/Jazz Guitar
  68. Mockingbird project
  69. Job lot
  70. Keda powder dye
  71. Guitar Parts
  72. DiMarzio Model J's (DP123BK)
  73. Medium Jumbo Fretwire - only one fret needed
  74. Surplus tuners, one wanted
  75. Spare 2+2 Bass Tuners, SE England, UK
  76. OneManBand Electric Upgrade Kit and Pedal for Sale
  77. Pixies ticket for Brissie show
  78. Bigsby B3 gold
  79. GSZ kit up for grabs
  80. Pedals, pedals, pedals, pickups
  81. Finished PRS-1TS for sale sans hardware
  82. Anyone got a spare humbucker surround?
  83. 2 x Aion Electronics Pedals