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  1. Levelling Frets
  2. How to build your Pit Bull Electric guitar
  3. Comments anyone?
  4. Neck fit for the LP style model
  5. Fitting 3 way switch to my LP with a Veneered top.
  6. Setting your Intonation
  7. Wiring for FVB-4
  8. FVB-4 Pick-up wiring
  9. Replacing Fret Dots
  10. LP trussrod adjustment
  11. "De-Glue Goo" for Glue Spots?
  12. Oh No! I just broke a screw
  13. Dull/quiet string?
  14. Urgent(ish) set neck glue-type question?
  15. Is my glue in neck set incorrectly?
  16. Finishing a fretboard
  17. Bridge placement on a bass
  18. Fret Levelling and the 0th Fret
  19. Warlock floyd rose set up and wiring
  20. LP-1M Neck Joint Gap
  21. Fitting a Bigsby to a ES-1GT
  22. IB-1 5 Way Switch Wiring Problem
  23. What is this part for?
  24. How does this screw on?
  25. Broken Screw ... a little one.
  26. Kiln Dry Your Own Wood
  27. Sanding in those hard to get to areas (Please don't use this on your teeth )
  28. New To Guitar Building
  29. Tl1 bridge placement
  30. Bridge routing and/or neck shims.
  31. Setting the neck
  32. Glued neck in. big problems
  33. Bolt on Neck Screw - What size
  34. Drilling for through body stringing
  35. Tutorial : Inlays and Inlay Tools
  36. Neck fit for the LP style model
  37. Ic neck pocket taper
  38. neck pocket too big???
  39. How to install F type nut
  40. Replacing the binding
  41. It never ceases to amaze me how guys figure out a way of using existing tools.
  42. Using Wooden Binding On A Guitar
  43. Rickbass wiring
  44. Basic tools
  45. Back bow on newly received necks
  46. RC-1 Hardware installation
  47. rick bass natural finish help needed
  48. First steps - i.e., what to do when you first open the box
  49. Soldering Mini-Tutorial
  50. Multimeter Mini-Tutorial
  51. How to read resistor and capacitor values.
  52. Some of the new builders might enjoy this read
  53. Guitar Input jack Hole
  54. Cheap tools aren't always the best option
  55. Luthiers Tools
  56. Fretless conversion?
  57. New starter from UK
  58. Sanding
  59. Stringing
  60. Question about neck placement
  61. BC-1 Neck Pocket Taper query
  62. protecting binding when sanding
  63. Capacitor mini-tutorial.
  64. gound wire to bridge
  65. Ib-6s finish
  66. Glue
  67. Grain fill a flamed maple?
  68. pots aren`t sitting right
  69. When to put the neck on?
  70. neck angle
  71. JB-5MF Fretless Bass. Sanding the fretboard.
  72. RCA 4 jazz/ bridge pickup?
  73. Set neck Fit on GR-1SF Lefty
  74. Best Glue available in the UK
  75. Some tools that may interest from Aldi on 22 July 2017.
  76. Tune-o-matic buzz
  77. LP1 bridge grounding question
  78. Hammering in bridge pins - any tips?
  79. Right amount of Glue
  80. Cutting a scratchplate from a blank
  81. Canít insert the neck pickup!
  82. Coil Splitting the Stock Pickups
  83. Slanted Neck
  84. Stock hardware or upgrades?
  85. Tune-O-Matic bridge placement tip when self-drilling holes
  86. Where to set neck and saddles on RCM-1
  87. Does the neck need to be attached to the body for fret levelling?
  88. Fitting Neck - FS-1 Build
  89. Scale length terminology
  90. Popping the grain on an ash body without it looking "dirty"
  91. White flamed maple?
  92. rc -4 scale length.
  93. How to check for Glue?
  94. How to get the scale length right ?
  95. Body crack repair
  96. Neck doesn't 100% fit, what to do?
  97. Where to drill holes for bigsby?
  98. ESB4 bridge backing out
  99. Neck height
  100. Bass bridge position question - Nut to 12th Fret is 433mm
  101. Build Guide Link
  102. AGJM-1, neck pocket, shim needed?
  103. ES kit when to glue the neck
  104. Tips on installing pickups needed
  105. Earthing?
  106. What wiring Diagram?
  107. Finishing the fretboard?
  108. Which glue for neck
  109. Ib7 7 string build
  110. It's OK to f*** things up when you are a beginner
  111. First build GSM-1 Mahogany
  112. Recommendations for stain on a maple flame veneer?
  113. First kit build
  114. TB-4 Bass Build Questions
  115. String Trees on EX-7?
  116. Aligning pickups with no scratch guard
  117. Frets not seated
  118. Feast & Watson wipe on poly
  119. Build 2 - hollow body
  120. Neck or bridge first?
  121. Neck Pocket with PBG-N4RB
  122. Fixing rub through on clear
  123. Set neck clamping time
  124. Neck screw + spring claw screws help!
  125. Which screws?
  126. First kit build .. is this OK?
  127. Cleaning out dirty maple
  128. Fret levelling neck bow
  129. Fretboard sanding
  130. Really low frets- too low?
  131. first build, PB-30R short scale bass - neck drilling question
  132. Help with wiring IB-5 pickups
  133. Wiring help for gpr-1r semi hollow
  134. Very interesting video on glue joints
  135. Set (glue in) neck - surface not level.
  136. Unfinished maple necks - is that a disaster in waiting?????
  137. fretboard too high over body
  138. My first build, an EX7 string, glueing on the neck question
  139. Paint or build first?
  140. My first build, an EX7 string, action wayyyyy too high! Please advise.
  141. Need some wiring help on EX7 kit