View Full Version : Fitting the hardware to your Pit Bull Guitar

  1. locating the Bigsby style Trem.
  2. JM-1 Bridge
  3. Humbucker pickups and their angled surrounds.
  4. Trimming the pickguard with a router?
  5. Direct mount pickups
  6. Removing Guitar knobs if you don't have the correct tools
  7. Bass machine heads- lighter is tighter.
  8. Enlarging holes in Semi-Hollow
  9. Pick-up holes.
  10. Removing tune o matic style bushings
  11. Neck nut fell off during Shipment
  12. Chrome pick up covers
  13. Allparts Ricky Style tailpiece problem
  14. ESB-4SC pickup replacements?
  15. TL-1TH attachment of volume/tone pots
  16. Humbucker neck? humbucker bridge?
  17. Polepieces on black PU's
  18. Upgrade to JCustom FX bridge
  19. LPM-1 TOM Bridge and Tailpiece post spacing?
  20. Bridge Posts for Floyd Rose Bridge - How tight?
  21. post spacing tunomatic bridge
  22. JM-1 bridge resting position
  23. Bass String Top Ferrules?
  24. Template for three-point bass bridge
  25. G-style bridge post center finding tool from the country boy catalog.
  26. Need some measurements for Grover 406C tuners
  27. Scale Length Problems
  28. Pulling Gibson-style bridge bushings.
  29. babicz hardtail
  30. Better Machine heads
  31. Bridge bushing adapter?
  32. Upgrading TL-1 with a 4 way lever switch?
  33. tuning peg trouble
  34. Bridge pickup pocket
  35. IB-1F Output Jack
  36. Pickup mounting, very tight
  37. Saddles seem too high for correct action
  38. Bridge options for GS-2Q
  39. XB-1 hardtail bridge
  40. Atl-1sb scale lenght issues?
  41. IB-5 pickups...how to tell the difference
  42. Telecaster string ferrules
  43. Wraparound bridge recommendations
  44. Bridge and TailPiece Posts - Different Sizes!
  45. wooden bridge on semi hollow body bass
  46. TOM bridge position issue
  47. Tune o matic bridge not lining up?