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  1. Guitar Videos
  2. MXR90 / RAT2 import?
  3. Easy Operator Comin Knockin At Your Door!
  4. Instrument cable IS NOT speaker cable.
  5. MXR Phase ZW90s and P90s, Rats, new - to order
  6. Assault with a deadly guitar
  7. Screaming Chairs
  8. Rig rundowns
  9. Maton Factory Tour
  10. Warning about Chinese amps and metal valves
  11. Stew Mac Guitar Shop Starter Kit
  12. Wudtone Vs Nitro
  13. Baritone Telecaster anyone?
  14. Nut building and geometry!
  15. Found something you may like
  16. Frudua Guitar Craftpedia
  17. why is a nut called a nut
  18. The reasons why we must have that next kit
  19. A sanding mantra to far
  21. How many guitars / basses before it can safely be said you have GAS or BAS?
  22. Gibson Factory pics
  23. Pablos north american adventure
  24. Dedicated Audio/Video Page
  25. Jazz pickups? Benedetto, Kent Armstrong or others?
  26. Acoustic Soundboard split down the middle
  27. 2014 Fender Roadshow
  28. My Mates First Guitars
  29. Repairing a 20 year old Martin acoustic wont stay in tune
  30. Guitar Collections
  31. What your guitar says about you!
  32. Shellacing.
  33. Purdy looking Lipstick pickups
  34. Why Peter Green/Garry Moores 59 Gibson sounds so diferent
  35. Setting Up and Repairing Acoustic Guitar (General Progress and some help needed)
  36. A question about tone...
  37. Sure am glad I dont suffer from this!
  38. Cool signs, saying, ads, etc..
  39. Who says Vinyl is dead.
  40. Maton Promo
  41. Buzz Feiten interview Guitar Player Magazine
  42. Different Speakers and DI -> Different effect of tone control?
  43. Bunnings by Chopper
  44. "How did they get that tone" Thread
  45. My greatest fear in life...
  46. Willy Wanka (Instrumental)
  47. Servo driven benders
  48. Guitar Player Wanted - Mandurah Area
  49. Some Questions about Loop Pedal and Amp
  50. Guitar picks
  51. The truth about money in the music industry
  52. Anyone in the Brisbane area?
  53. Preferred Amp Tech?
  54. Cry Baby: The pedal that rocked the world
  55. How not to play through a Dumble Amp.
  56. Science!
  57. Whats your album of the noment?
  58. 2nd anniversary sale specials
  59. 7 & 8 string guitars - beginners primer
  60. the TMG saga
  61. Any lucky deals lately?
  62. Do you sell the kits you make?
  63. Amp to 10 or guitar to 10
  64. Holo Guitar
  65. Naughty Room Life Membership Applications
  66. Where do you buy woods from?
  67. Time lapse neck carve.
  68. Bassists
  69. Tuning to A=432Hz.
  70. Guide to Using Your Computer To Record Your Guitar
  71. Boss has new range of pedals
  72. A copy of Jimi Hendrix purchases pre recording time. 1969
  73. Clean way of holding your templates down while cutting
  74. Entwistle Single-Coil Pickups.
  75. Discovery of Djent
  76. A great tool for learning tunes ( stealing licks )
  77. Tuning Machines.
  78. Has Any One Yried This Recipe Out
  79. The Bad Advice thread
  80. What do you do with your songs after you've recorded them....
  81. And you reckon you can shred? Check this dude out!
  82. The Shape Of Violin F Holes Does Affect Airflow And Tone Of The Instrument
  83. Building a 28" Sander /Planer
  84. Acoustic action too high
  85. pitbull standard pickup
  86. Beautiful wood on this build By Wolf (Dave) Navarro
  87. Water Painting Items
  88. I'm Really Liking This New Guitar Due From Perry Ormesby ( Tele but better )
  89. Facebook partscaster page.
  90. Guitar Plans Website
  91. Short On Worktop Space
  92. New D'addario NYXL Strings
  93. Frets, shmrets....
  94. Using Australian Woods For Guitars
  95. SaŁndFraud Skill Killer: Take Your Lack of Skill to the Next Level
  96. Marcodi Harpejji
  97. This guys hit the bottle
  98. Guy builds Eric Clapton Es-335 from scratch
  99. Help needed for understanding burning finish thing
  100. Anzac Day free concert
  101. Show us your herd
  102. concentric/blend pots in aus?
  103. Ernie Ball M-Steel Strings
  104. Backwards Metallica cover
  105. Bridge Post Extractor On The Cheap
  106. The Strat - One year on!
  107. Dan Erlewine checking out Mike Bloomfield's 63 Tele.
  108. Do you guys get your fret ends like this if so can you show us
  109. Guitarists you'd love to meet in person.
  110. Serial Numbers
  111. Pedalboard Planner
  112. Its the little things (0.4mm) that get me down
  113. Making A Kit Guitar Better
  114. Using Lasers/lazers whatever your preference is ,to set up bridge and neck alignment
  115. A Drill Planer
  116. show us your man cave
  117. Build A Drum Sander For Your Drill Press
  118. DigiTech Trio
  119. Amps and DI
  120. Homemade luthiery tools
  121. A future Pitbull Customer
  122. Where to get EB Flatwound Slinky strings?
  123. Sharpening your router bits
  124. Crimson Guitars Discout Voucher
  125. Homemade Fret Bending Jig
  126. Yamaha SJ-500 Super Flighter Wiring Diagram?
  127. Hi Guy , Does anyone recognise this bridge.
  128. Guide to building your own pickups
  129. WHAT IS THIS? help identify this guitar please
  130. Play It Loud - The story of the Marshall amplifier
  131. The search for a material that can be used when you need a really fine shim
  132. Ok Who's Up For Using This Technique For Building Guitars
  133. Not Specifically Guitar Related But a Guide On Using Routers And Router Bits
  134. Holding a guitar while painting
  135. Free Guitar Lutherie Course
  136. A sanding-less guitar
  137. SG double neck wiring
  138. Scratch guitar - will this kit work?
  139. Chris Squires Talks About Meeting Jimi Hendrix For The First Time
  140. Picks - What's your preference?
  141. Painting
  142. Neck to body attachment
  143. Another one gone
  144. Eric Gales Live NAMM 2015 for Dunlop
  145. Perth High School students build Guitars :)
  146. Chapman Guitars USA showcase
  147. Definition of Tone and Vintage vs Modern Pickups
  148. Pickup advice
  149. Saw a Telecaster today that had a great scratch plate on it
  150. Drilling A Straight Hole
  151. Quick Shellac
  152. Guitar ID Challenge
  153. Case Solved - The Bass Player was confused
  154. Use Double Sided Carpet Tape To Hold Things In Place And It Removes So Easily
  155. Radius Sanding Block Routing Jig
  156. Handy Tools For Your IPhone And Android By Ryobi
  157. Fret Ruler
  158. The First Fender Strat George Gruhn
  159. Logo Sizes
  160. Series 1 Scratchy
  161. Tools excellent selection at excellent prices
  162. Best source for cheap Maple Flame/curly veener for Finish Testing
  163. Got Wood????
  164. Gavmeister's AMPS (TJS moved)
  165. import vintage fender pro reverb from usa
  166. What kind of timber is this?
  167. floyd rose strats
  168. Guitar Painting PDFs
  169. Gorgomyte Fretboard Cloth
  170. Any clues as to what this is?
  171. Copper tape shielding and capacitance
  172. Not sure if this has been shared before it has a wealth of info on one site
  173. Pics Of My Latest Acquisition_2000 Gibson USA Angus Young SG
  174. Handmade guitars
  175. Tuning Machine Backlash.
  176. Interesting Website: Plek.com
  177. Roller bridges any good?
  178. Guitar Professor
  179. Which Bass... ?
  180. Jazz bass neck
  181. Who was the first guitarist to use the reversed headstock
  182. Thunderstruck....AccaDacca Brisbane 12 November 2015 Review
  183. Check out this series of youtube videos of a guy building a custom Stratocaster.
  184. Typical Guitar Scale Lengths
  185. This Guy Must Have Loads Of Patience To Paint His Guitar Like This
  186. Some non kit builds
  187. Cardboard Stratocaster
  188. Hollow body builds with Archtop(floating) bridge
  189. What's more important? How a guitar looks, feels and plays, or sounds?
  190. Reminiscing - What gear do you wish you still owned?
  191. Traditional Gun Makers Finishes
  192. To refinish or not to refinish? That is my question
  193. Closing down Timber Sale
  194. DIY Guitars Closing Down
  195. Band saw
  196. Crimson Guitars' new CNC machine
  197. Things You Find When Your Cleaning Out Your Shed
  198. To Wax Pot or Not to Wax Pot
  199. Why "Lefty Loosey" Annoys Me
  200. How Guitar Construction Will Change In The Coming Years
  201. Protip for adding another kit to the collection
  202. Where was your "name"guitar made
  203. Terrified oops Torrified Timbers.....
  204. Scatter-Winding in Pickups.
  205. What's happened in the world of live music
  206. Gathering Guitar Parts from Around the world
  207. Hey Woks I Think This Is A Project For You
  208. SH-1 Builds?
  209. Making a homemade no load pot
  210. Tool and machinery review...
  211. How do some folk remember to breathe?
  212. When someone complains of tuning issues
  213. Exsposed grain wood
  214. Bone Nuts - What Bone?
  215. An Interesting Nut
  216. The possibility of hydro dipping guitar parts
  217. What happened to Brywithawhy
  218. RIP Jon English
  219. neck inlay (Cat paws)
  220. What do you have just hanging around ?
  221. Things you find cleaning out the shed
  222. Guitar tattoos
  223. Silly things people do to guitars
  224. Current projects
  225. Australian Guitar Making School needs inner city places.
  226. Modifying Tremolo set ups
  227. Pickups you love or Loathe
  228. Bought New Guitar... and there's a CRACK!
  229. NGD! Squier Jaguar
  230. NGD! Ric 4003
  231. How Different Pickup Magnets Affect Tone
  232. What is he doing with that Iphone?
  233. WTF is going on here??
  234. Caribbean Rosewood/ Chechen is not a true rosewood
  235. Jade Australia Acoustic Amps
  236. coodercaster
  237. One bass only: p, j, pj...?
  238. New build
  239. Sometimes your kids build the craziest looking things...
  240. Strap Button Screw fell out
  241. Tele type resonator?
  242. Tools and Ideas
  243. Name that guitar?
  244. So now I have a problem of willpower!
  245. Speaker question
  246. Federal US Government v's Gibson
  247. RIP Scotty Moore
  248. Inside A 1960's Les Paul
  249. Factors In Pickup Production
  250. Guitar cases