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  1. Is anyone else seeing Steel Panther on their upcoming tour?
  2. Steel Panther-> maple fretboards
  3. Steve Vai- from Aug 12
  4. Album of the year.
  5. Inspirational Bassists.....
  6. Radiohead Tour
  7. Joe Walshe... Analog Man
  8. Zappa
  9. Feedback
  10. One for the Bass Heads
  11. Its Pest day! ( our favourite Pests Birthday)
  12. guitar movies/docos
  13. guitar movies/docos
  14. Recommended reading
  15. tunes
  16. Slowhand
  17. Rush - The greatest band no one knows...
  18. Paint Job Ideas!
  19. Inspirational local talent
  20. For those who love slap bass
  21. You just never know who you might walk into!
  22. Les Paul Build Maybe Inspiration
  23. InTheBlues
  24. Words of Wisdom
  25. New research: Musicians have sharper brains (no wonder everyone on the forum is brilliant)
  26. Thank you for the inspiration
  27. Jeff Beck
  28. Build of Tony Iommis SG
  29. RIP Lou Reed
  30. History of the guitar solo
  31. RIP Bill Lawrence
  32. Mojo Juju
  33. ESP Ghost Soldier
  34. Ormsby Shark 10th Anniversary project
  35. Couple of awesome YouTube clips to check out
  36. Pit Bull Guitars Milestone
  37. SRVs guitar tech.
  38. Inspirational luthier
  39. Fretless guitar, anyone?
  40. ProjectGuitar.com GOTM Jan 2014
  41. Victor Wuton music workshop.
  42. LandFillHarmonic
  43. Benny Greb - Thoughts on Improvisation and Composition
  44. Vale Paco
  45. Gilmour & co - Echoes acoustic
  46. Violin making video.
  47. Hard to Explain!
  48. Fender Squire Bass shoot out.
  49. Enough to make you want to give up....
  50. Cancer, the "Insidious Disease"
  51. Jeff Beck
  52. Joe Bonamassa in Australia!
  53. Arguably the most iconic electric guitar ever
  54. Arguably one of the most iconic electric guitar ever
  55. Mark Goldenberg - guitarist for Hugh Laurie & the Copperbottom Band
  56. Amazing bands noone else seems to know about.
  57. Touch off topic, but...
  58. Got Queen tickets
  59. RIP Doc Neeson from the Angels
  60. 8 string madness
  61. Finally got to see Jeff Lang perform live last night
  62. Rob Chapman Tele Prs blend guitar
  63. Check out this guy playing bass Amazing Wojtek Pilichowski "The Maestro"
  64. Any of you guys seen these Bass before
  65. All we know is ...hes called Dingo Bass
  66. Hands are overrated anyway
  67. RIP Andys mum
  68. Unbelievable Les Paul Build
  69. RIP Jack Bruce.
  70. Once More 'Round the Sun [Mastodon]
  71. Inspiration indeed
  72. RIP Australian cricketer Phil Hughes
  73. Shootas guitarist inspirations.
  74. Tele Dedication
  75. Wooden Pliers
  76. If This Guy Doesn't Motivate Us To Play More . Check it out
  77. 4000 posts are up ! A new tag name forumites ?
  78. The Birth Of A Prototype
  79. Sewing thread technique on Acoustic guitar I'd never seen before
  80. The Reverend Horton Heat
  81. A Les Paul Build Interesting
  82. Extramural Activities, Hidden Talents and Hobbies...
  83. I loved this . Isolated drum tracks of six of rocks greatest
  84. Show us ya jig!
  85. Interview with an amazing Bass a Player Carol Kaye
  86. Bass Guitar Lesson
  87. A Couple Of Unusual Guitars
  88. One armed dude rips it up...
  89. Chris Squire Isolated Rickenbacker Bass on Heart Of The Sunrise
  90. Derek Trucks impresses B.B. King
  91. This Guy Has Very Unusual Bass Technique
  92. Lest we forget
  93. Respect To Ed Sheeran Singing Live He Can Do It and Do It Well
  94. This May Inspire The Budding Artists To Paint There Guitars A Little Differently
  95. Drowning in Guitars
  96. Restrung: A Documentary
  97. Youtube Channels
  98. Victims sought
  99. Not the best tone wood, but.....
  100. Nik Huber Factory Tour
  101. Rock Your Speech
  102. Secret DingoBass Workshop Footage
  103. Tim Gaze - Interview
  104. DBs next challenge?!
  105. Keef
  106. It was 40 years ago this weekend
  107. Check out Ed Friedlands Collapsible Double Bass
  108. Rob Chapman Dorje Higher than the Beatles in itunes rock chart
  109. Police Academy V Led Zeppelin
  110. Nuno Bettencourt
  111. Criss Oliva
  112. How about this for a guitar finish
  113. The sound of music never sounded so good
  114. The Art of Inlay
  115. Oh the memories
  116. Chris Fleming's take on the tonewood question
  117. Vintage Tele
  118. Here's one guitarist who inspires me.
  119. John Entwistle
  120. This kid can play a bit
  121. The world's worse Guitar Tutorial, by the worlds best song writer.
  122. From Japan for the Bass players
  123. Pine Cone Strat - Russian Faberge inspired design
  124. Studio break down of Toto's Rosanna
  125. Nick West Bass Player Gets Her Groove On
  126. Guitar stand plans?
  127. Irish ancestors in Australia.... huh?
  128. Soft eating liquorice
  129. DB's all time "Favourite" guitar
  130. Here is My Inspiration
  131. Jimmy Page Talking about Stairway to heaven
  132. And now Lonnie Mack is gone too!
  133. Spinal Tap on SBS2 @ 8.30pm tonight
  134. drawings /plans
  135. It's not a guitar but beautiful non the less
  136. Why you should build another Strat.....
  137. An interesting video
  138. The Crimson Guitars 12 hour build challenge.
  139. Joe Fenton custom painted PRS Guitar
  140. 4000 posts
  141. Epic 1959 Les Paul Repilca Build....
  142. I wish I could play like this, certainly inspiring
  143. Arzi's new inspiration and some results of it
  144. For you guys that haven't seen this Building an Acoustic Guitar
  145. Woks does this inspire you being a cricket fan
  146. Guitar rack idea
  147. Check out the vocal talent of this 15 year old young lady Lauren Tate
  148. The Angriest Guitar Player in the World - funny for the sheer frustration shown
  149. ACDC Tracks by complete muppets
  150. Amazing looking guitars by TYE
  151. Luthier podcast
  152. New Stones Album 'The ALTERNATE' " Blue & Lonesome" album..collected videos
  153. Learn this Song Challenge.
  154. Jeff Healey And Steve Ray Vaughan Look At Little Sister
  155. Musician Tuts
  156. Happy New Year Guys and Gals all the best in 2017
  157. That humbling moment when...
  158. Slow Start Energetic Performance Am I the Only One Worrying About The Guitars Lol
  159. Joe Dart from Vulfpeck Bass Solo
  160. RIP John Wetton
  161. Sustain Magazine for Luthiers
  162. Welcome to the Jungle
  163. Slap Guitar
  164. Wokka's next challenge?!
  165. Young Bass player has a bright future.
  166. Young Fan of Jimi Hendrix plays a great tribute to him
  167. Not seen this before Chicago check out the lead guitarists solo
  168. Acoustic build from votes on a forum
  169. Stevie Ray Vaughan Crossfire
  170. Tal Wikenfeld Playing Bass With Jeff Beck
  171. Simpsons Various Clips..
  172. Bass Player Brandino Interview
  173. Woks you've gone way to quiet you need a new project lol
  174. Rocket Man - Iron Horse
  175. The best bass player i have ever seen! You will enjoy 100 % (title shown on YouTube)
  176. RESTRUNG | Official Documentary (2014)
  177. Mac McAnally about his herd
  178. Veneer Brainstorming
  179. What are your roots
  180. 12 string bass!
  181. Brisbane Timber and Woodworking show
  182. 8 strings bass solo
  183. Oh to have this problem
  184. George Harrison "Magical Mystery Tour" Strat
  185. Guitar maker meets Horror movie soundtrack composer
  186. Dan Patlansky on optimum set up for a ST guitar...
  187. Dave Gilmour's Black Strat
  188. Kev McCreery
  189. Staggering Pyrography
  190. Nothing is impossible
  191. 16 guitarists - 1 100w Marshall half stack on 10
  192. RIP George Young.
  193. The Guitar Magazine UK web resource
  194. AC/DC tribute guitar build
  195. New Fenders for 2018 ???
  196. RIP Dolores O'Riordan
  197. VOX, The early beginnings....
  198. guitar solo careless whisper George Michael (STUNNING guitar version) Music
  199. Nice work Zandy
  200. "Ugliest" colour.
  201. Why do we bother?
  202. Lest we forget....
  203. What a nice story
  204. ARE YOU OK? Do You Need Help?
  205. Andy Martinís on TPS this week!
  206. Olivia!
  207. Headstock Gallery
  208. Dan and Mick get their guitars re-fretted.
  209. Song List Suggestions
  210. The new tonewood?
  211. Theorbo?
  212. A Symphony of Angels
  213. Scallion, Spender & one mutant guitar.
  214. Word Porn Explorer Scratch Build
  215. Extreme Metal Bass Book/CD - Alex Webster
  216. Total scratch build
  217. My 19 year Old Daughter in the Herald Sun today!
  218. Semi Hollow Scratch Bass Build
  219. Scratch body experiment
  220. Pickup variations
  221. Amazing Fretboard Inlay Work
  222. Billy Bragg goes on a Bear Hunt
  223. RIP Steve Priest
  224. Carmine St. Guitars (New York)
  225. Black Gamma Custom Bass
  226. 5 String Black Cloud Private Reserve "Precision SG Bass"
  227. Trenier Guitars
  228. Maton Exhibition
  229. Template holding jig for router
  230. ES-335 12String Stop Bar advice
  231. RIP Leslie West
  232. Ken Parker videos up on youtube
  233. Guitar synth
  234. Walla Walla Guitars
  235. Gibson USA Full Factory Tour Dec 19, 2021
  236. Book matched images