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  1. Check out this work
  2. New build question
  3. Waxed finishes for your Guitar.
  4. When can I start cutting back my acrylic finish?
  5. I HATE this!!! (Paint in pockets)
  6. The Axe of Destiny...
  7. Spalted Maple top LP1, finished with Wudtone.
  8. SV-1 in Green Metallic by Peter Slack
  9. Gavmeisters Dairy Blond Tele Build
  10. WUDTone - Black Magic Woman
  11. I made a thing !!!
  12. SG-! finished with Wudtone Mahogany.
  13. Sanding
  14. Gavmeisters LP Spalty Build
  15. Gavmeisters 335 in Blue
  16. Quotes for Wudtone Page
  17. Gavmeister Columbian Gold Tele with a Bigsby Build
  18. Gavmeisters Acoustic in Clear
  19. 3M Sandpaper???
  20. Gavmeisters SG in Emerald Green
  21. The LP-1 Build Draft (rough, so pretty bad!)
  22. Dingobasss TL-1TB in base coat only Black Magic Woman
  23. Maple fretboard finish?
  24. Gavmeisters Flying V in Carmine Gypsy
  25. Gavmeisters IB-1 in Hot Auburn
  26. TL in Cherry Flamenco by Dingobass
  27. ES in I am not sure what happened but i like it by Dingobass
  28. HB-4 sunburst in Goldenrod and Burning Sun
  29. IB-5 in Dark Tease....
  30. Dingo Basss JM-1
  31. Dingo Bass IB-1
  32. One for the Girls! YB 4 in Faded Fiesta
  33. PBG 2 in Cherry Flamenco... Break out the Castanettes!
  34. Checking your kit for glue spots on the body
  35. Will This be Enough?
  36. TL 1 in custom Butterscotch by DB
  37. Highlights
  38. How to get a satin finish neck
  39. Black Magic Woman as a neck finish.
  40. Conch Girl Looks just like Carmine Gypsy
  41. Custom Colours
  42. New Colour - Olympic Blonde
  43. Has anyone dared attempt...
  44. My Custom Sunburst
  45. Temperature for painting
  46. Shelf Life
  47. Gold and Silver Highlights
  48. Two-tone sunburst idea
  49. Flag Designs?
  50. Learn from my mistakes
  51. Buying Base Coat Only
  52. What paint?
  53. finishing neck with azura lagoon
  54. Darker base coat to really pop the grain?
  55. Colour advice please! Vintage Blonde?
  56. Sunburst Question
  57. Neck Finish
  58. T-Bird/Surf Girl
  59. Tips+Hints for Butterscotch
  60. Woodtone swatches
  61. Clear Coats on the Rosewood Fretboard?
  62. wood grain after first coat of stain... normal?
  63. Colourless neck finish.
  64. Noob fretboard finishing question
  65. Blue Burst Advice
  66. Olympic White - Vintage Blonde
  67. Bursting Question...
  68. "Spots" in the finish?
  69. New colour and useful tip on using pigment based kits
  70. Wudtone Distribution in Australia
  71. UPDATE - Wudtone in Australia - new supply partner
  72. Scrub Questions about Fretboard Finishing
  73. Wudtone Intellectual Property
  74. Coming Soon...
  75. Achieving a High Gloss finish with acrylics
  76. Questions about Satin Black finishes
  77. clear over colour - sand first?
  78. Acrylic paint and clear info
  79. TV-Yellow
  80. Fingerboard...
  81. Insane finish
  82. 3 Questions...
  83. acrylic burst? doable?
  84. shellac flakes
  85. Billie Joe Armstrong Silver LP
  86. metallic acryllic paint
  87. Confirm: No finishing is required on rosewood fingerboard?
  88. Timbermate
  89. Lolly Pop stick on a Set Neck
  90. whats your brand?
  91. colour options for my forthcoming ES1 build
  92. Removing thick poly without a heat gun?
  93. Dingotone
  94. Carving a Spalted top body?
  95. Finishing question.... Sunburst for a newbie..
  96. Sunburst.. By hand of spray?
  97. spray paint help
  98. What is this?
  99. does a clear coat change tone???? really.
  100. clear over dye/stain. jarrod?
  101. dingotone colours
  102. Inlaying supposedly made easy Ive not tried this but looks interesting
  103. TL-1, Timbermate, and Dingotone
  104. Butterscotch type rub in dye or lacquer
  105. Neck finishing
  106. True Oil
  107. New member, emerald on mahogany question!
  108. Solid finish with binding
  109. painting a headstock design?
  110. Which Wudtone will bring out a really nice grain to its max on Alder ?
  111. Tools on the cheap
  112. Replicating an aged poly finish
  113. They say you can make a guitar from anything
  114. Solid colour finishes
  115. On Buying My Acoustics At The Acoustic Inn Fretboard Oil
  116. grain filling question
  117. Applicator for wipe on/rub in finishes
  118. Questions on finishing
  119. Wet Linseed Oil* Sanding/Filling
  120. A VERY Left Field Finishing Method
  121. Spray-on Acrylic on DingoTone?
  122. What do you use to get that high gloss "new guitar" finish? product?
  123. Keda dye?
  124. What kind of finish is this? How would I achieve this?
  125. Seating raised frets?
  126. European alternatives for Timbermate?
  127. Whats your go to brand for waterbased powdered dye?
  128. Wudtone Clearance
  129. Poly clear coat
  130. Finishing your Guitar..
  131. OK who's game to try this on a guitar body?
  132. Timber!
  133. Solid colour finish
  134. Paint booth for the garage?
  135. Limewash on basswood
  136. Testing a finish
  137. Grain popping and filling
  138. How can I get a glossy deep blue finish? Also any ideas about adding gold dust?
  139. help! ive gone too dark with my flame top
  140. Peter green/Gary Moore lp colour
  141. 40's style Gibson 400 Black rear headstock/neck pinstripe, with Dingotone
  142. how to avoid streaks when using tru-oil
  143. Aussie Oil
  144. Customising a guitar case
  145. Dyes / Stains for wood, how narrow a field of choice is it?
  146. Adams GR SF with bling Nitro
  147. Painting advice please.
  148. Staining and grain filling - order
  149. Wine Red Finish?
  150. Powdered Stone Inlays
  151. Stencils and painting
  152. Finishing Not Specifically Guitar Orientated But May Help
  153. Ok Who Can Use This On A Guitar I Think This Could Be A DB Project
  154. Interesting fret markers
  155. Solid colour finish set neck advice
  156. Solid paint without a can, man?
  157. Wudtone Burst - How To?
  158. Neck finish choices
  159. French Polish
  160. Interesting article about not using sandpaper
  161. Best timber type?
  162. Where can I buy flame maple veneer for the back of the body here in Australia?
  163. Dremel Multitool keyless chucks
  164. Options for Finishing
  165. Solid color acrylic
  166. Beetroot juice
  167. Replacing binding
  168. Oil based finish over water based / water based finish over oil based??? Options?
  169. Can you use wipe on Poly over Montana Gold?
  170. Sanding sealer
  171. For you guys that don't have spraying gear
  172. A Friend Of My Niece Came Up With This Mod Podge Recipe
  173. Priming on sealed body...
  174. A rather 'extreme' finishing method...
  175. Rustic Warn Look
  176. TL1 with Basswood body - Paint or stain?
  177. Fender sandblasted look
  178. Magnets on control covers video
  179. Clear Coats Peeling Off
  180. Some amazing airbrush inspiration from Callum at G'n'T guitars, in Derbyshire, UK.
  181. Need Advice on Paint Remover
  182. spalted malpe top
  183. Finishes, drying and curing
  184. Great idea for a bench Multi tool
  185. IB-7 Guitar Finishing....
  186. How can i get this finish?
  187. raven oil -ebonizing
  188. Fretboard pain
  189. Neck mistake
  190. Hmmm... Interesting.
  191. Paint type
  192. Fret board masking
  193. Sanding between coats
  194. Sanding sealer compatibility with primer
  195. Dingotone cut and polish
  196. Why not use hardware store finish?
  197. Grain Filling Your Guitar With Timbermate
  198. Dyeing your guitar top
  199. Cutting a binding channel
  200. Gluing A Set Neck
  201. Noob Paint and finish question
  202. Matte black finish...what next?
  203. Wudtone burst/fade questions
  204. How much paint to order? Also primer/gloss recommendations for MTN94 cans?
  205. Dingotone/Wudtone alternatives + finish questions
  206. Urgent paint help needed.
  207. Vinyl
  208. Nut on or nut off?
  209. Is this a thing for finishing frets?
  210. Could this be used to make decals maybe
  211. DIY Spray booth just scale it up a little
  212. Sealing a VERY smooth neck
  213. Guitar Headstock Decals
  214. Clear Finish Problem
  215. Dingotone on both Neck and Body, differences in finish?
  216. What standard of sandpaper grit size are you generally referring to on this forum?
  217. Painting a neck with flat black spray paint and clear coat acrylic (satin)
  218. Stain advice
  219. Staining in colors
  220. Anyone tried bleaching wood?
  221. Vinyl wraps/Guitar skins
  222. Sealing Mahogany
  223. Glossy finish
  224. Noob inquiring about finishing a strat black
  225. Clear stains and binding
  226. Advice please! re spraying over a stain
  227. Dye Vs Stain Finish
  228. Walnut finish on an ESB-4?
  229. Popping the quilt
  230. Question about a natural strip in a stained guitar
  231. Can i spray over Polyurethane?
  232. Hi Gloss Finish With Tru Oil
  233. Nearly finishing sanding...more questions
  234. Change the color of the binding
  235. Cotton Cloth for DT staining
  236. Air Bubbles-HELP!
  237. Advice on binding?
  238. Firey Red Finish
  239. Heritage Cherry with accented darkened wood grain
  240. tutorials on scraping binding
  241. Am I the only one?
  242. ready to glue neck to body any clever hints?
  243. What undercoat and topcoat for a spray finish?
  244. binding paint/scrape fail
  245. Interest in Painting and or Staining
  246. Spraying your guitar with sparkle finish
  247. Powered spray guns - worth it?
  248. Pore / Grain filling?
  249. Pore / Grain filling?
  250. Painting solid colours by hand?