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Thread: Loonhaunt Junior LP JRM 1DC Place Holder

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    I had both and good and bad while covering my new Decals, the logo looks great but the Les Paul Decal got attacked. I used Bullseye Shellac as I thought that it was pretty much the mildest thing I could use. Guess I will have to scrape it off or go for the "Vintage Look" Yuck! Don't know why one decal would look perfect and the other not so much??
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    Hey all, just a heads up - I've removed the photos as they are using a copyrighted logo. Pitbull does not condone or support the use of copyrighted logos on kit guitars and as such I've removed the photos in line with this. Apologies if this upsets anyone, but we want to keep the forum up and litigation free if we can.

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