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    tone pots

    hey guys i need some advice i recently purchased an ibanez iron label im wanting to put either one or two tone pots on it, i got 2 500k pots but i havent been able to fine a resistor for it i tried the one below but the tone pot is either full tone or nothing can someone tell me what to buy to have the tone work in the full range

    and the guitar has DiMarzio Fusion Edge pick ups

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    Hey Phroz.

    I have similar tastes to you, I prefer to audio pots for both the tone and volume. I find that the linear pot for tone is like on/off and I prefer to blend the full range of the tone pot.

    I don't find the type of Cap makes much too much difference to the taper of the pot but its your preference. People debate this tone cap thing quite a lot.

    Why don't you get a couple of them and use alligator clips and try them and see which one sounds the best for you.
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    Are the 500K pots youre using A or Bs? An 022 cap should be fine so its either the taper of the tone pot (A should give you a more gradual, usable change) or maybe something is faulty with the wiring/components.

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    I've just rewired a friends old LP copy and I wired the tone pots in the vintage way, with the cap connected to the volume pot output (nor the input). I fitted linear pots for the tone, but certainly in this configuration they are pretty much all or nothing, and any variation is between 3 and 2 on the dial. So I'm swapping those out for some audio pots.

    I'd normally stick with a 500k pot for humbuckers, but as the guitar currently has no tone pot, adding one will immediately knock a small amount of treble off. The Ibanez parts list for the guitar gives a volume pot reference but has no details for it, Ibanez RGDIX6PB parts list. But it doesn't look like there's any other circuitry connected to mimic a fitted tone control, so if you like the current full volume sound, you might want to try a 1M audio taper tone pot instead to help keep all the crispness.

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    hi guys i got 500k pots but i dont know what type they are Simon that's what its doing, what Andy is saying is what i'm wanting to do god knows why ibanez only put a volume pot on it and i like to change the tone but the one i have its either no tone or all bass i want to be a but more like it to slowly change the tone, how do you know what type pots they are?

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    A) If you look at it from the shaft side of the pot, there will be some printed text on a small bit of the circuit board that says either A500 or B500. A = Audio/log and B = linear.


    B) The smooth flat side of the pot will have some shallow engraving on it (so not always easy to read) which will normally state the resistance and whether the pot has a linear or audio or log taper. Good quality pots may also (or sometimes only) have a part number and Googling for that number should give you the full details from the manufacturer's website.

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