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Thread: OctoberBass RCA-4 First Build

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    You have some fairly figured wood, so it is highly likely that you will get a “worn green” effect where parts of the grain are quite green, and parts are still brown. Wudtone is a good product. The neck finish in particular comes up really well, but green and blue colours can be a bit hit and miss. DT is the same. It’s part of the nature of the beast. The trick with them though is you always have to do multiple colour coats, and you have to let the guitar rest between coats. The colours do tend to deepen over a week or so as they dry.

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    Thanks, I plan to follow through with the process on this test board, at least till I see some results I expected. I sure like their results on Swamp Ash, but maybe expecting too much. It's rather frustrating. As I do this, I feel like I'm using up product that should be used on the build. Better safe than sorry.
    Any thoughts on setting the neck, and the glue seepage. Can I keep it clean if I don't set the neck till clear/top coating?

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    When setting the neck you can wipe off any excess seepage once clamped, therefore it should not present any glue challenges for final coats.

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