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Thread: EX -4 ZZ TOP homage

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    This seems to be a problem with the new 'engineered' rose wood. Painters tape really shouldn't lift anything, but its obviously something to be careful with. I think Teamjeffo had the same issue on his RC4. I think he filled it? might pay to go and have a look at that thread.
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    Cheers Sonic, I checked out the thread, and yes mine did the same thing, only not quite as bad, I guess an ebony timbermate fill and sand back then, certainly could have done with out it. Obviously a warning should go out to those taping fretboards to either use something else or wax first prior to taping, as might prevent it happening?

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    Iím another victim of timber fibre adhering to painters tape upon removal. Once again not to the extent Teamjeffo experienced. Iíll keep the ebony timbermare in mind.

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