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Thread: Posting images to Imgur

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    Quote Originally Posted by WeirdBits View Post
    When you are linking an image on here there should be checkbox for "Retrieve remote file and reference locally", unchecking that will make the file load from the external server.
    Yes I know. I'm not clear on what's wrong with just doing that. It's as easy to do as a hot link and it always works.
    Is there some particular reason people are reluctant to do that?

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    It's basically a case of "whatever works for you". There is more than one way to get images into your posts.

    Imgur works for me for the various sites and forums I use and I like it here because it completely negates having to do any resizing or limits on the amount of images per post. If you have another way of doing it that works for you then go for it - I just did the original post as a helpful option.
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