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Thread: Andy40's PRS-1H

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    Looking good, I love the blue!

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    Of all my builds I think my PRS-1H was the hardest to get to a point where I had any thoughts it was kinda right, and while I'm loving how yours is going Andy I'm also seeing things in the photos that based on my experience it has me wondering how it will turn out..... Yours is Blue and Chrome, mine is Red and Gold, but other than the colour and the PRS shape there are striking similarities in your photos to my build that have me cringing with a little bit of concern ... Yeah, I had a devil of a time getting even colour intensity across the entire body, with patchy light and dark areas trying to outshine the flame. On mine now you can only see the flame if the light hits it right, otherwise for the most part it just looks like a solid Red faced guitar... a subtle flame to the extreme...

    A future point to watch out for elsewhere - I thought I had set my neck just fine with the neck tight and seated flat in the body pocket. But after finally getting some strings on and with a dead straight neck I find I can't get the action low enough... Bridge hard against the body still has me at 8mm at the 24th fret, so mine though it will intonate fine will never be a shred demon... Seems on mine there isn't quite enough angle on the back of the neck foot to allow some bridge height and also have reasonably low action.
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