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Thread: Shellharbour Woodcarvers

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    Shellharbour Woodcarvers

    The gang at Shellharbour Woodcarvers are donating this awesome carved and Pyrographed ST-1 to the local hospital for a Christmas Raffle.

    Nice work all 'round!

    “Every year Shellharbour Woodcarvers donate a Carving to the local Hospital for their Christmas Raffle to raise funds. This year we decided on a Carved Guitar, purchased from Pit Bull Guitars. One member, Frank O’Connor carved a Goanna and a Snake on the body, Alyssa Willstrop did the Pyrography on both, Kevin Gillis did the final touches, French Polishing, it has turned out excellent. Frank and another member, Jim Balmain put forward the idea as a way of donating our yearly Carving, and also as members have Grand-children, they may want to do one for them. The body is Basswood which was very good to carve.”

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Awesome work Shellharbour. A top looking build and a very generous gesture. Hope it raises good money for the hospital
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    Bravo. Top job.
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    Great donation and hopefully it will raise good money
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    A french polished ST - now there is some food for thought...

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    Nice job guys!!
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    Chatting to my mate down at Sussex Inlet last night, he said the wood carvers do a lot of good things down this way.

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    well done those guys!
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