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Thread: Waz's MMB-4

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    Agree with trying blend pot options first as not much room left in control cavity.

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    Another wiring option...

    Here's another wiring option to consider that was employed on the G&L L1000 series basses of the late 1990's. This setup allows two humbucking modes plus a single coil option.

    The pickup on the L1000 appears to be wired the same as the GFS, (3 conductor series wired humbucker with centre tap + case braid) so theoretically this should work for you too.

    The G&L had a 3 position, 2 pole toggle switch which are quite expensive (and hard to find) so during my experiments I configured a 2 pole, 3 position rotary switch to do the same job. Looks good too.
    The rotary switches I've used are only 5 bucks from Jaycar, and the only customising is the reworking of the shaft to accept a fluted knob. And yes- they fit (at least in my case) in the cavity of the MMB bass with a bit of minor sanding.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Surely Position 3 will be out of phase with itself, so give a very thin sound that's probably not bothering with? And as the current flows the wrong way round just one of the coils, then it won't be humbucking (I think).

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