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Thread: Phroz STA-1M, ST-M, TL-1

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    man that is looking tasty!
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    That would certainly get my attention walking past it in a instrument shop.

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    You've really got the finishing down to a fine art mate. Lovely to see your work as always.

    I'm really keen to have a crack at the Rit dyes, but I don't have any immediate projects lined up that would suit.
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    cheers guys, Criky Ded your up to 15 builds your as addicted as i am, theres no reason why anyone cant do the same phil you should know that your pretty handy with a gun, have a go with the rit dyes i listed the ones that work great could also use them under wipe on polly and tru-oil been doing a 50/50 on the burst lately to try soften the transition, that was a rattle can clear as run out of clear and supercheap sold off all there 4lt tins of clear the buggers and i upgraded my compressor but took ages to get as they were sold out, just been so busy atm i got 2 new amps which i havent been able to tear myself away from lol you know how that goes but got some good kits to do so stay tuned

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    Wow this is a really super finish!

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    Hey . Nice build . I've got the same axe but I'm stuck trying to find the exact wiring diagram. Would anyone here be able to tell me where the two yellow wires and the black wire go the rest are done . Muchly appreciated

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