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Thread: Anybody building a new PC DAW System

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    I've been contemplating getting a DAW, well duel purpose a under utilized PC that I built for graphic processing.
    It's a i7 4790 with a Gigabyte H97 MB, 32gb RAM, Samsung pro SSD's and a Nvidia GT 980 VC.

    What's put me off until now has been that most of the DAW software have been around so long, they have become bloated, and consequently can be a clickfest to do a lot of things.
    I mean Cubase has been around since the Atari, Logic and Digital Performer and probably Cakewalk , nearly as long, Pro Tools is out of my price bracket for what I want to do, plus I resent the business model they now have [like Adobe software - which I'm about to ditch], so won't buy into it.

    I always try to keep abreast of what going on with this stuff [mainly because the learning curve is so steep if you don't] by being a long time reader of Sound on Sound magazine since it's inception back in the 80's.

    It's Presonus Studio One DAW software that has reignited my interest, it looks really clean, is apparently fast to work with [lack of bloat, because it's quite new compared to the others] and can be used with a single screen....not something you would want to try to do with Cubase 9.
    The price is attractive as well.
    Plus the other beauty is that Presonus also have their own [3 different] control surfaces with motorized faders, from the single Faderport One, to the newest, [will be released in Nov] Faderport 16, which is bound to make using the program a lot easier, and with very little to any conflicts.

    I'll see what happens, gotta see if I can move stuff around to fit a Roland A-88 Midi Keyboard first at nearly 2.5m long

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    I may have mentioned once or twice I'm a happy Reaper user and have detailed my setup earlier in this thread.

    USD$60.00 for current release plus one so by in now at R5.x and stump up another $60 when it goes to R7 so cheap as chips.

    The native VSTs cover more territory than most will need and automation of faders and effect plugins is a walk in the park.

    I have professional mentors in the US who live in the world populated by the expensive big name DAWs and am starting to achieve results that don't reflect the humble situation I am working in.

    My PC is an i5 but is currently in hospital thanks to the storms on Thursday night spiking either the power supply or mother board so I can't tell you much more about RAM etc.
    Dave King

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