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Thread: Starting my SGB-34 build today, confused that there is no neck plate

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    Starting my SGB-34 build today, confused that there is no neck plate

    It all looks great and I'm excited to get started on my little SG bass, although I am concerned that there is no neck plate. There doesn't seem to be one in any of the online photos so I assume it is intentional.

    I know the string tension is not as hefty on 3/4 scales, but I am reluctant to just glue it. Has anyone built one and how did you get over this?

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    Ben I believe the neck is set on those Bass's. You need some Titebond II And a clamp.
    Instructions are on the site. In meantime I'll try and find tutorial or video. Take your time at this point. There are some crucial measurements that need to be checked and neck needs to be set straight. If I don't get back to you tomorrow
    I'm sure someone else will it's late hear.
    Best wishes
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    You're awesome Kimball thankyou

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    Hi Ben, welcome to the forum, yes your kit is definitely a set (glued) neck so when you get to that stage sing out and we will run you through the process. It will be necessary to put the two outer strings on (E and G) and bridge to make sure the neck is aligned correctly.
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    DB, will answer your question later Ben I believe a new set neck video is in production.
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    This link will help with lining up the neck and bridge

    There is always a workaround for glitches, mistakes and other Guitar building gremlins.....

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    Hi Ben, welcome to the forum. nice score on the video guys. I have't seen one of these kits built, looks killer! can't wait to see it come together, got any plans?
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