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Thread: Truss Rod rattle

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    Truss Rod rattle

    I just built my first Pit Bull. It's a 6 string bass. The neck has a rattle inside that I believe I've narrowed down to the the lower register truss rod. The truss rods feel like they are working fine as I can feel the point where the tension starts and have them slightly under tension. The action at the high side of the neck is too high even with the bridge set as low as possible. Shimming the neck joint to change the neck angle helps some but then the neck wont line up to the top of the body face. Is it possible that I got a problem neck from the factory? Any suggestions
    Steve W.

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    Hmmm... Try giving the truss a bit more tension and see if that solves the rattle.
    With dual truss setups it may feel like there is tension when there isn't.
    Grab yourself a cheap steel rule from your local $2 shop and with a file, cut slots in one edge that will allow the rule to sit on the fret board, this will show you if the neck is straight when under string tension.

    It isnt vital that the neck is on the same plane as the body, infact anywhere up to 9 degree break angle is fine.

    With the excessive string height, it is most probably because the nut slots are too high.
    Plastic nuts are never a good thing in my book as they tend to be innacurately cut...
    You can use the offcut from the end of the string as a file to deepen the slot.
    Use it like a piece of dental floss, take a little bit off at a time though, it is real easy to go too low.

    If you can post some pictures it would help me to unravel the issue.

    There is always a workaround for glitches, mistakes and other Guitar building gremlins.....

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